Feeling Behind In Your Life ?

Dear Friends, We all feel low at times.  We may often feel that we aren't where we should be?  These feelings and thoughts make us quite unhappy.  It is important we get a handle on these feeling. I hope this youtube video helpful. https://youtu.be/aF2kQBDaZGs Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe. … Continue reading Feeling Behind In Your Life ?

Material Wealth and Inner Happiness. Is this a marriage that will last?



I sit, I ponder, I walk, I wonder.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, what is it all about?

I wonder, why I chase material wealth?

Should I not be chasing and accumulating internal wealth?

Wealth of character and integrity.

We are immortal Souls/Spirit, whose natural nature is Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy.


We suffer from Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment and Ego – (i.e. Algae).  Algae is the illusion, that clouds and covers my true nature.

My true nature of Purity, Peace, Love, Wisdom, and Joy.

The Algae stops me from being the diamond that I am and I stops me from being happy.

It makes me want to gain more and more material objects to fill the empty void in me.

The void in me craves, simplicity, truth, happiness and peace.

Yet, instead of filling the void with peace, happiness and inner stability, I buy material objects and…

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New Blogging Schedule #2

Pen and Paper

New Blogging Schedule #2 Dear Friends, Happy weekend.   Since I started blogging, one of my biggest issues has been keeping to some sort of blogging schedule.   So, here I go again, trying to resume a blog post schedule, let see how long this new schedule lasts.  I hope this  schedule will be helpful to you … Continue reading New Blogging Schedule #2


Blogging Blogging is hard work, but enjoyable hard work. There is a lot of advice out there, saying do this and do that.  I am just over a year old in the blogging world, and OH MAN Did I follow a lot of advice, and that advice is valid, but Oh has it made me … Continue reading Blogging

Quotes #24, 2017 – Make IT Happen

There are many things and situations that bring us down.  Don't let yourself be one of thoses things/situations.    Be your own best friend, inspire yourself and don't let yourself get down because of things, situations, or opinons.  Be strong, create a reservoir of strenght  within yourself, meaning that you are all that  you need to … Continue reading Quotes #24, 2017 – Make IT Happen

Traffic Control your Thoughts!


At the Brahma Kumaris we practice Traffic Control.

What is Traffic Control ?

Well,  every hour for a minute we meditate.  What that does is, it slows down your thought, it allows you to regroup, and become refresh.  We also do slightly longer meditation for 5 minutes at certain intervals in the day. For example  10.30 am  12pm , 1pm and so on.

When I practice traffic control at home, or at work or when I am at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in London,  it makes a massive difference to my life:

The benefit I see in my life when I practice traffic control

  1. Traffic control generally happens just at the right time – Meaning I am stuckwith an issue that I can’t see pass.   After traffic control – bingo the issue is no longer an issue.
  2. It keep me calm
  3. It keeps the perspective on things
  4. It

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Meditation Commentary #12, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing

Meditation Commentary #12, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing   It is quite funny, we find time for so much in our life.  From one activity to another, mindless watching TV or social media.   But, we find many an excuse not to meditate.  We strave ourself of what require the most, to … Continue reading Meditation Commentary #12, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing