Life is a journey. Sometimes life is good, average, and sometimes it feels like a never-ending storm. I love contemplating life, transforming my life, and learning new things about living life.

The most important topic of this blog is Thoughts. The way we think and feel impacts everything we do. If we can manage our thoughts and perspectives, we can adjust our emotions to live life better. Life is one big test paper, and we have to find the tools and techniques to ride the wave better every day. To always work on ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

Welcome to Thoughtsnlifeblog, a place where, you will find all things positivity, personal development, character building, meditation commentaries, quotes, poetry, blogging tips, and much more.

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About Me

I have a passion for meditation, self-improvement, designing graphics, productivity, self-awareness, inner peace, affirmations, intentions, time-management, goals and always trying to find positive ways to be happy in difficult situations. But, not just in difficult situations. Finding balance, harmony and maintaining these practises when life is good is key to helping us be strong when life throws us curve-balls. 

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