Blogging Tips

I am always looking for inspiration on blogging and writing.   I came across this youtube video and I liked it even though it is a year old,  and I wanted to share with you all. Today I learnt a valueable lesson with my Life is Short blog post in that I only took one … Continue reading Blogging Tips

Life is Short?

Life is short we all say. If life is short and we disappear into nothingness then we don’t have to fear the consequences of our negative karma –because life is short and we disappear into nothingness!  Really is it like this?  Do we say this as an excuse to be lazy and careless with our … Continue reading Life is Short?

Thank You and Giveaway Pre-Announcement.

It is a bit overdue, and it has taken me a while to figure out what do, I want to do a giveaway from my blog to my readers. I wanted to do something at my one year anniversary, but I couldn't decide what. So ,  I have decided it will a book give away … Continue reading Thank You and Giveaway Pre-Announcement.

Meditation Commentary #20, 2017 Lightness

Meditation Commentary #20, 2017 Lightness Every Wednesday (previously every Tuesday) I share a Meditation Commentary, or a discussion piece that allows us to work on our inner self and become the best person we can be.  That allows us to calm down, let go, fly free and reconnect with our true self.  Meditation allows us … Continue reading Meditation Commentary #20, 2017 Lightness

What is ThoughtsNLifeBlog About?

What is ThoughtsNLifeBlog About? Just a little post about me,  why I blog, my current schedule, and my social media links.   Started blogging  in March 2016 was created a year and five months ago by me - aka -Bella.   The fun and games of Blogging and Juggling life Since then I have … Continue reading What is ThoughtsNLifeBlog About?

Let Us Get Inspired. How To Write Fast.

I am always looking for inspiratation, motivation and ways to improve my writing/blogging.   I came a cross this and I rather love it.   I love it even more cause I am a huge believer in affirmation and positive self talk.  So, I wanted to share with you all , my beautiful blogging family. Hope … Continue reading Let Us Get Inspired. How To Write Fast.

Quotes #20

Happy Sunday All.    There is something about quotes that make us smile or have an a-ha moment.   If we choice we use a quote to transform our life and inspire us to be better. Which one is your favourite from the selection , do let me know in the comments below.   I … Continue reading Quotes #20