Blogging Blogging is hard work, but enjoyable hard work. There is a lot of advice out there, saying do this and do that.  I am just over a year old in the blogging world, and OH MAN Did I follow a lot of advice, and that advice is valid, but Oh has it made me … Continue reading Blogging

Quotes #24, 2017 – Make IT Happen

There are many things and situations that bring us down.  Don't let yourself be one of thoses things/situations.    Be your own best friend, inspire yourself and don't let yourself get down because of things, situations, or opinons.  Be strong, create a reservoir of strenght  within yourself, meaning that you are all that  you need to … Continue reading Quotes #24, 2017 – Make IT Happen

Traffic Control your Thoughts!


At the Brahma Kumaris we practice Traffic Control.

What is Traffic Control ?

Well,  every hour for a minute we meditate.  What that does is, it slows down your thought, it allows you to regroup, and become refresh.  We also do slightly longer meditation for 5 minutes at certain intervals in the day. For example  10.30 am  12pm , 1pm and so on.

When I practice traffic control at home, or at work or when I am at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in London,  it makes a massive difference to my life:

The benefit I see in my life when I practice traffic control

  1. Traffic control generally happens just at the right time – Meaning I am stuckwith an issue that I can’t see pass.   After traffic control – bingo the issue is no longer an issue.
  2. It keep me calm
  3. It keeps the perspective on things
  4. It

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Meditation Commentary #12, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing

Meditation Commentary #12, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing   It is quite funny, we find time for so much in our life.  From one activity to another, mindless watching TV or social media.   But, we find many an excuse not to meditate.  We strave ourself of what require the most, to … Continue reading Meditation Commentary #12, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing

Be Beautiful…Each and Everyday of Your Life.

Be Beautiful...Each and Everyday of Your Life. Be a flower, constantly showing your beauty, your colour, your fragrance, your elegance, grace and strength. Constantly giving because you are full of goodness. Let your personality and character always be beautiful, graceful, full of strength, not weathered by life. Permanently beautiful and always giving, because you are … Continue reading Be Beautiful…Each and Everyday of Your Life.

Quotes #23, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers, Since  Sunday June 10th,  I have been reblogging fellow bloggers posts that I found exceptionally inspirational, life enhancing and just motivational,  to be the best version oneself, every moment of life.   I encourage you to scroll through my blog and read them all.   Additionally, I extended my sharing … Continue reading Quotes #23, 2017

7 Steps To Sharing Talents – Pt. 3

Dear Friends, I am reblogging this post written by a fellow blogger,Gloria. This post is the 3rd part of 7 steps to sharing your talents. I recommend you read parts 1 and 2 and the 3rd of course. So much wisdom and practical advise to follow. I found all 3 post beautifully inspiring and so wise, I hope you enjoy and be sure to share your comments with Gloria and I. Enjoy.

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Little Ballerina

Re-posted from 2016:

This is the last post in a 3-part series. To read Pt. 1 click here; for Pt. 2 click hereIn Step 3 of my previous post, we listed all our talents and abilities. Step 4 dealt with finding opportunities to share our gifts. Now on to our last three steps:

5. Give without worrying about your imperfections or limitations. “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matt. 10:8 NIV). You don’t have to be a saint,  genius, or the next winner of a TV talent program to bring joy to others with your gifts. Let’s face it, the vast majority of us will never reach those levels! Give without restraint, and it will free you to be more than you ever imagined. Don’t get discouraged by what you see as your limitations. My mother couldn’t drive in her later years, but she used her talent…

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