Throw back Thursday.  Another old post make sure to read the source post to read it fully.   Also would love to hear /read your comments.  Have a great day. -------'   Resilience – the art of bouncing back after being hit The art of preserving, even when I am broken inside. The resolve to … Continue reading Resilience

Good Morning – Unknown Author

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Read the original source post.  Have a beautiful day where ever you are in the world. ----'---- Interesting meaning of Good Morning – Rather Beautiful. G    Get Up O   Open your Heart O   Open your Mind D   Dedicated your day to God   M   Meditate on Gods Word O   Optimise your Fai… Source: Good Morning … Continue reading Good Morning – Unknown Author

Be Inspired by the words “I Can’t Change It”

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Be Inspired by the word "I Can't Change It". Having a good morning routine and a good attitude to life can help you deal with the rubbish of life.  Our thoughts make us happy or sad, our feelings make us happy or sad.     The way we hang on to problems in our life make us … Continue reading Be Inspired by the words “I Can’t Change It”

Happiness is in the company of The Divine


Happiness Choose to be happy. Smile inside knowing the Divine is always with you. Whenever you call out his name he will answer, you just have to listen. Let go of his hand, is like letting go of his guidance and walking this life alone. This  life is no longer easy to walk alone, walk with … Continue reading Happiness is in the company of The Divine

Summary of the last two weeks posts – WK #6 & #7, 2017

Dear Friends,   I was unable to do a summary of week #6 because life went a little upside down, read all the details in Week 6 quotes and then I feel badly ill on the Sunday before returning to work after a week off. So, here are this week posts-WK #7 and last week post … Continue reading Summary of the last two weeks posts – WK #6 & #7, 2017

Quotes wk#7, 2017


Hey, 2017 could please hold on a bit, I am still catching up!  Does anyone feel like this about 2017? Life is so delicate - read how delicate life can be here, your author and darling mum met with a bit of scary event last week.    Can I say these quotes are inspired by the … Continue reading Quotes wk#7, 2017

Daily Intention – Detachment


I originally posted this in June 2016.   I love setting daily intentions.   Read the original piece and let me know your thoughts and if you experiment with this how it went.   Have a beautiful day my friends.  Look forward to reading your comments.   What is your intention for the day?  It … Continue reading Daily Intention – Detachment