Make Monday Count!

Monday, is always a day where we feel a bit - oh it's Monday.  Granted, there are a few of us out there that love Monday's.   However, I think there are many more, for whom Monday is rather a chore.   In my post  Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ?    I discussed how we need … Continue reading Make Monday Count!

It’s Monday Yeah!

We all struggle with Monday on a regular basis.  There are a few that don't.   However, When it is a long weeked with a public holiday as it is here in the UK - we all love Mondays.   I personally go up and down with Mondays.  However,  I am so much better than … Continue reading It’s Monday Yeah!

Monday Motivation-Picasso

Monday Motivation -Be a Picasso in whatever you do in your life. Have the grit to make it happen,in whatever role you play, from cleaner, housewife, executive, adminstrator, parent, retired, entreprenuer. Far too many of waste Mondays recovering from the weekend.  If you want to get somewhere, then every day counts and that includes Monday. … Continue reading Monday Motivation-Picasso

Deep Silence – The power of Meditation.

I wrote this a yearish ago in response to one of the daily challenges. I hope you enjoy this reblog/repost. Let me know your thoughts on the original post


I am at the bottom of the ocean, on the sea bed, where the world is quiet, harmonious, still and content.   I am away from the chaos of the world and the chaos of my mind.  Here I sit, in solitude with myself, in a deep silence, in deep contemplation of my inner peace.  I experience the pure bliss of my inner stability,  the calmness of my surroundings.  Oh peace, silence and calm you are so sweet, you are my friends,  I will visit you more often, now that I have found you I will not lose you.


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Quotes #20, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers, It seems that the days/weeks are flying by soon we will be in June!  We finally have some sun in the UK. I want share what I am currently thinking... Think good and do good.   Go out of your way to do a good deed for a fellow human … Continue reading Quotes #20, 2017

Affirmations & Repetition – The Key to Confidence and Happiness

Affirmation are extremely powerfu , especially when repeated.   I wrote this a while back ,  i hope you enjoy this repost.  Click on the link to read the sourse.Source: Affirmations & Repetition - The Key to Confidence and Happiness

Quieten Your Mind with Meditation

Quieten Your Mind with Meditation I found this quote on my travels and I think it is worth a share. "Many emotional disorders are characterised by a mind that gets high-jacked, usually from thoughts that they are trying to address or repair.  Meditation allows an individual to simply watch the mind and still the mind … Continue reading Quieten Your Mind with Meditation