Meditation Commentary – Positive Mind Meditation – Anthony Strano

This is a beautiful meditation created by the Late Anthony Strano, a senior pracitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation. The commentary is beautiful.  I would suggest you listen and view the video once before you actually sit down to meditate.  The shining star on the forehead, is I the Soul.  I the Soul is the being … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Positive Mind Meditation – Anthony Strano

Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go!

Do Yourself a Favour - Let Go! If something hurts you,  Let it go immediately. Don't let it penetrate your heart and poison your mind, and steal your peace and calm. Do yourself a favour and let go of it immediately. For the seed of pain will grow into some sort of health issue, emotional … Continue reading Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go!

Soaking Up The Sun

Currently in the UK we are having the worst weather ever.   Before the weather got really bad ,  I took my Mother  on holiday after a 6 year gap.  It was just a beach holiday and we just chilled out and took it slow for 8 days In Feb 2018. On the first day, we … Continue reading Soaking Up The Sun

Quotes 2018 – 9

Enjoy this weeks selection of quotes, and do comment below which one you like.               Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe. About Me  — Books — Meditations — Songs  —Disclaimer & Disclosure Policy image-   Add to Anti-Banner

Let Me Be….

Let Me Be A Beautiful Soul.... Let me always Wear a Smile. Let my Eyes share the Warmth of Kindness and Compassion. Let my Walk be Gentle. Let my Talk be Wise. Let my Ears be Sensible. Let my Mind be Still. Let my Heart be Clean. Let me be a Beautiful Soul each and … Continue reading Let Me Be….

Meditation Commentary – Stepping Inwards (Longer Meditation)

Meditation Commentary - Stepping Inwards (Longer Meditation) Welcome to this weeks meditation. All meditations shared can be found on Youtube and are not created by myself, but by students of Raja Yoga meditation.    This is a beautiful meditation and I hope you find deep inner peace and silence, and waves of calmness surround your day … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Stepping Inwards (Longer Meditation)

A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance?

A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance? Hi Friends,   Sometime in March  2018 I will be celebrating two years of blogging.  Some of you may say wow.  But,  honestly,  I have been all over the place with blogging, I have loads of bad blogging habits for example:- Doing an entire blog post … Continue reading A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance?

Quotes 2018 – 8 “UK – Mothers Day “

Quotes for Mothers Day In the UK Mothers day falls in March.  This year it falls on 11th March 2018. I know many of you have lost your mothers, and some are still lucky to have them, like I am.   I lost my dad 25 years ago on the 5th April, so we are … Continue reading Quotes 2018 – 8 “UK – Mothers Day “

Quotes 2018 -7

Here are a few quotes for this week, to ponder and wonder.   I have shared all these quotes on Instagram around the 20 - 23rd Feb .    If you love quotes then please do follow on instagram as I almost share once a day or more. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection, please … Continue reading Quotes 2018 -7

International Women’s Day -2018

International Women's Day -2018 #PressforProgress A Daughter, A Sister, A Aunt, A Mother, A Wife, A Grandmother, A Career Women, A Stay at Home Mom, A homemaker, A bread winner, A child, A worshiper, A Princess, A Girl , A lady, A student, A Teacher A Justice Seeker A Shoulder to Cry on A friend … Continue reading International Women’s Day -2018