Changing Our Automatic Thoughts

  Changing Our Automatic Thoughts Changing our automatic thoughts allows us to change our life. As we  break the habit of negative thinking, we create a new habit of thinking positively.  By stopping waste thoughts and realigning unhelpful thoughts, we increase our ability to think positively and be positive.  As we gain small successes in … Continue reading Changing Our Automatic Thoughts

Become the Light you Are -The Spirit you are.

Repost.     Meditation  through a beautiful song.   Life is much much much more ..    We are much much more than ordinary human beings.   We are immortal souls, spirits of light, , love, peace, purity.....  enjoy... reconnecting with your true self.. the soul..   Source: Become the Light you Are -The Spirit … Continue reading Become the Light you Are -The Spirit you are.

Light and Easy; Bright and Breezy.

Reposting an old blog post.   Source: Light and Easy; Bright and Breezy.

Quotes #11, 2017

Dear Friends, Hope you are all well.  Many things have happened with week.   I feel that we must always think positive, good, powerful thoughts and we must always do the right thing.  Though the world around us may do wrong. But, I should never do a wrong action even in thought. Today,  I woke up … Continue reading Quotes #11, 2017

When Life Hits are You a Carrot, Egg, or Coffee?

Repost.   After reading the source do comment below your outcome.  When you started to read what did you think you were?  And at the end...?    Enjoy ... Source: When Life Hits are You a Carrot, Egg, or Coffee?

Fear – Procrastination- Paralyzed

A repost..   Source: Fea1r - Procrastination- Paralyzed

A Meditation Commentary to help with…..

Dear Friends,  I came a cross this beautiful medatition commentary, that I just had to share.  Life gives us many curve balls, but sitting in silence , in meditation makes 'impossible'say I'm possible.   A quiet still mind can handle anything and still remain peaceful.  Daily meditation is the only way to keep the perspective, … Continue reading A Meditation Commentary to help with…..