Change Your Habits Change Your life.

Are Your Habits Helping You or Putting You Back ? Our habits make or break us. Our habits make us happy or sad. Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as habits.  For example:  are you sad all the time ? Is it because you keep repeating those things that hurt you? Laziness is habit! … Continue reading Change Your Habits Change Your life.

Top 75 Habit Blogs

Habits are what we repeatedly do.   Do good things then you will good habits.  Do negative things you will have negative habits.  Be lazy and procrastinate you will automatically be lazy as your default position.   Life is your choice, based on your thoughts and feelings and action.  A choice, a action  and a habit is … Continue reading Top 75 Habit Blogs


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Meditation Commentary -The Consciousness of We

Meditation Commentary -the consciousness of we NO MAN IS AN ISLAND, it is said.  Yet we live our life as if we are.   Our interactions tend to be selfish or shallow.  Often there is a hidden agenda.  Of course there are times when our interactions are warm, kind, compassionate, full of love and  selfless. Today's … Continue reading Meditation Commentary -The Consciousness of We

Karma – Part 3 – Last part

Karma Part 3 Karma is a deep topic.  This the last of my little investigation/thoughts on Karma.   Clearly, I am no expert, but I think understanding Karma helps us to choose the right actions and thoughts that leads us to creating positive karma and not negative karma.  Because, if we keep on creating and accumulating … Continue reading Karma – Part 3 – Last part

Be Inspired by MAYA Angelou

I posted this in April 2017.  Sometimes, life gets so hectic and difficult and even a bit hard.    That's when I love to go my inspiration page and get inspired to pick me up from the physical exhaustion I sometime feel. So I would love you all to read this post that I wrote … Continue reading Be Inspired by MAYA Angelou


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