Need a Vacation

“My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from ”   Rob Hill SR

What a wonderful quote?  What a wonderful thought?  Do you feel inspired that you can achieve this?   Why do we go on vacation?  What is it that we want to relax from?  

I live in the UK and the main reason I go on vacation is for the Sun.     However,  we often go on vacation for an emotional break.  

What can I do in my life from right now that will help me manage my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts so that I don’t feel so drained and exhausted?  What can I do to experience something new where I live?    What can I do to see new cultures without travelling abroad?   The UK like most countries these days is multicultural, so I don’t have to go far to appreciate a new culture?

What can do daily to bring that holiday feeling into my life? How can I enjoy each second of each day? How can I enjoy that feeling of a spar at home? How can I enjoy the evening meal? How can I enjoy cooking – the way I learnt that recipe on holiday? How can I enjoy today and the chores? Do I have to change my mindset, and heart-set to enjoy the chores?

Anyway, a few questions to answer and ponder on.  I am sure will lead to more questions and more answers.   Eventually to a life where I/we don’t need a vacation from.     Let me live every day as I am on vacation, let me appreciate the sights, the sounds, the nature around me, let me enjoy the people I work with or communicate with me, let me smile every day as if I was on holiday and what a wonderful day I will create each and every day.

May you be blessed with happiness always.

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