Successful – Really?

We are all trying to achieve something or the other.  Often, we are multi-tasking what we want to achieve with all the roles we play.   Often it is hard and we want to give up.     Then we remember! Try, try and try again, if it doesn’t work out then try again!  If it works out, then great.  But remember “a rolling stone gathers no moss!”  Life is one big experiment and never give up on doing what you want to do.

The caveat!

Live a life that is respectful to yourself and others.  Your needs and desires to gain xyz, should never hurt/cheat another person/or organisation.  Be mindful of what you do, what you have success in, and what you don’t have success in.

If you don’t have success in something, you need to figure out why?  Is it that the approach needs rethinking? Or is it that the intention behind the task is disrespectful to another and may be the lack of success means I should not be doing it?  !!

If the thing I have success in, is disrespectful and hurtful to another, one must question oneself, and ask have I truly had success?  Or have a shown a lack of character?  Do I understand Karma? Is this the type of person I want be?    Pay attention to the small things as well as the big things here – e.g.  I might borrow an item from work and the overall intention is not to return it!  or  I deliberately twist the story!

Whatever you are dreaming, planning, trying to achieve let it be respectful to yourself and others.  Enjoy the experiment of life and keep trying, BUT remember be on the right side of Karma.  For the seeds I sow today will germinate tomorrow!

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May you be blessed with happiness always.

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