My Choice

I Choose to Be Happy No Matter What!

Today, I choose to be “happy no matter what”.  Now that I have made this choice, I will notice that everything will come to test me.   I am thankful for the test that will come in my way, because I will pass the test at some level, and increase my strength, determination, will power and create a new habit of being happy no matter what.


When that test comes, I will pause, I will remind myself that I have chosen to be happy no matter what and I will be happy no matter what.

If it helps, I will keep a little note card with me that says Happy No Matter What and it will have extra tips, like

  • Pause,
  • Breathe, 
  • No Reaction, 
  • It can wait even if It is URGENT –I still can pause for 5 minutes
    • –I am not a doctor doing a life saving operation   (well in most cases), 
    • If I am a doctor and it can’t wait, I breath in and out and let calmness enter me so I make the right choice.
  • Let’s keep the perspective it can wait.   
  • Be light and Easy
  • Calm and Breezy
  • Don’t forget to Breathe

The note card should be small and you can keep it in your phone case or somewhere it is easily accessible and discrete enough to take to meetings, etc.  (This is a tried and tested method by myself – it works).

Wishing you a lovely successful day, even a little pass is a pass.  A failure is a learning curve, in fact there is no such thing as failure,  just how not to do something, an opportunity to do it better next time !


Thank you for reading this post. Your comments and thoughts are welcome . You can also subscribe for email updates by providing your email address.

May you be blessed with happiness always.

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18 thoughts on “My Choice

    1. Hi Wendy, It is good little trick reminder, I have loads of cards, when I would tube into work, or having a moment where I needed reminding – they really brilliant. I guess I started doing this many be 10 years ago.. I think.

      glad you liked this.

      Liked by 1 person

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