Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart

Don’t go to bed with a Heavy Heart.  Give your burdens to the Supreme source.  Trust that everything is going to be alright.  Have faith in yourself and your ability to manage and manifest a beautiful future.   Put a full stop on the thoughts of today that caused you pain.  Trust in yourself that it will be okay.   Keep the perspective,  be aware of your buttons that are getting pushed and let them all go and trust it will be fine.   Don’t let your mind fool you into being down, don’t let your mood make you feel like it is all doom and gloom.   Sleep in peace, with the faith it will be fine, and trust you can manage.   A good nights sleep will leave you refreshed, whole and renewed, and the pains of today will be forgotten tomorrow.   Don’t Go to Bed with a Heavy Heart – Give your Burdens to the Supreme Soul  -Trust him – the Lord is my Shepherd – he won’t let you fall, nor will the universe.   Be your own friend when you feel down and trust.  How many times before has it been okay- countless.

Don’t Go to Sleep with a Heavy Heart.   You are loved,  You are good, You are Unique, It is okay.    Sweet dreams my friends.

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  1. Dear Bella, This was written just for me. Haven’t been in the right frame of mind today but now I want to make peace with everything… I’m glad I came across this post. Thanks my dear friend. 🙂

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  2. You’re so right about trying to calm and clear the mind before bedtime. If I don’t, I am troubled by disturbing dreams and can wake up feeling even worse — sometimes in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep (that’s the pits)!

    One thing that sometimes helps is to ask for guidance in a dream; however, if one’s mind is too cluttered with negative thoughts and anxiety, it might be hard for the guidance to come through.

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  3. When I get in bed, I want to rest. I am so blessed to have a wonderful comfortable clean and well sheeted bed. I thank God for this, each and every night. In my opinion, gratitude lightens the load, and if given whole-heartedly, peacefully pulls the covers up around us just so, light and airy!

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