The Friday Feeling

Happy Friday, we are all feeling light and easy -bright and breezy because in  just a few hours and the weekend starts.  Why don’t we have the Friday feeling during the rest of the week?  Do you want to have the Friday feeling the whole entire week?  What can we do today to make that a reality?  Shall we all try a little game a bit of fun for the rest of the week and see how we get along?

From today (Friday 6th May 2016)  for  the  week ahead take a scrap of paper and  write the following every day.

I am happy,  I am light and easy bright and breezy,  Life is great,  I am capable, I am calm,  I am peace,  I am peaceful,  I am free,  I am free from pain and hurt,  I am light and easy ,  I fly  free like a bird, I am happy,  I am free, I am well,  I am healed,  I am kind, compassionate and wise.  Everything is alright and becoming beautiful.  I am peace, I am light, I am, I am, and I am.

I would suggest we try this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

GOOD LUCK , and thank you for stopping by.  Do leave a comment, like, share or subscribe to my blog.

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