Stroll – Visualization

When I think of the word stroll I always visualize walking along a  beach front promenade, feeling the warm sea breeze washing over me.  The sun blazing through the parasol and healing all the aches and pains.   Aha, what a beautiful visualization.  Where you also transported to the beach front?

We can see the power of a thought, a feeling and a visualization, it can carry us to an idyllic setting.    We now know what to do when we are feeling a bit down,  moody, ill or unwell – we can visualize this beautiful stroll, finding a beautiful bench to sit on, soaking up the sun, and the warm sea breeze soothing our weary body.   Each wave washing the worries away, returning me back to my normal happy, carefree  self.

This is the positive power of our thoughts, feeling and imagination.  Keep your thoughts powerful  and you will be uplifted always.  Let your thoughts, feelings and imagination run wild with negativity  and you will feel there is no hope in the world and it is all doom and gloom.

Stay positively powerful  and enjoy playing around with visualizations.

Note: As you know from my about page, I am new to blogging, this is my first attempt as taking part in a blogging community daily prompt and the word was stroll.  I think  I did okay – what say you?

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5 thoughts on “Stroll – Visualization

  1. You have a quite lovely blog here.

    This particular post put a smile on my face for a different reason. I visualise the word “stroll” exactly the same way. An online buddy of mine, is a real ‘power walker’ — she takes long walks, fast, every day with a group of people. However, English isn’t her first language (not mine either), and she constantly uses the word ‘stroll’. She always says she’s going for a stroll, and then I think of this slow, idyllic walk along a beach or something like that, and then I know she’s going for an extremely fast paced walk 🙂

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    1. Dear Rebekah, Many thanks for the compliment bout my blog, it means so much to me as I am only 3 months old. I visited your blog and your post are rather lovely and it is a nice insight into your world. Oh your friends sounds like a blast. I picture you going for a stroll with her. You saying hey hang on while she walks head in running spead. So very lovely to connect with you and look forward to reading more of your post. Have a lovely day

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