Deep Silence – The power of Meditation.

I am at the bottom of the ocean, on the sea bed, where the world is quiet, harmonious, still and content.   I am away from the chaos of the world and the chaos of my mind.  Here I sit, in solitude with myself, in a deep silence, in deep contemplation of my inner peace.  I experience the pure bliss of my inner stability,  the calmness of my surroundings.  Oh peace, silence and calm you are so sweet, you are my friends,  I will visit you more often, now that I have found you I will not lose you.



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7 thoughts on “Deep Silence – The power of Meditation.

    1. Oh many thanks. Your words flow so beautifully, where the sea grass is grounded and flows freely – ahhh just beautiful, touches the heart. Many thanks for stopping by. and following me. I am new to blogging and just having ago at these daily prompt things. My passion is self development, inner peace, meditation and just becoming a better human being. This was one of my better attempts – and it didn’t take me that long either!

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