The Power of Good Wishes

The power of good wishes.    When we give a birthday present or card we wish the person a beautiful day and wonderful year, and happiness always.   We wish everyone happy birthday or happy anniversary.   Let me always have a good wish for everyone every day.  Let me always wish everyone well, may everyone be happy even those who hurt me.  When  I release the hurt, I give them good wishes of love and kindness, for they are hurt and they are not operating from their highest good self.  If I react in a negative way to a person who is not nice to me, and I wish them ill for hurting me, I create a negative karmic account for which I will have to pay later.  An ill wish is not a good wish in-fact it is the opposite of good wish, it is a curse.  A curse on them and me, and this is not the person I want to be.   So every day in every situation have good wishes for all, and you will be sowing the seeds of good wishes and creating a beautiful positive karmic account and you will reap the fruit of that.

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10 thoughts on “The Power of Good Wishes

  1. This is a very complex topic where I don’t think there is always a right answer. You need to know when to be nice to people and when not to be. It’s like billionaire investor Charlie munger says, “avoid extreme ideologies, they’re rarely ever right.” Having the belief that you should always be good to those who do you harm or that you should always do harm back to those who do you harm are both probably not good beliefs to go through life. The real answer is probably a blend of the two which takes wisdom to know when to be nice and when to be mean. Nice post

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    1. Thanks Vincent, for your comprehensive well read response. You always open the eyes to other thoughts. Thank you. I am a believer and an experimenter, I am not a scientist, I work with my heart and what I try to change in my life. I was so badly hurt and still being hurt, and for so long I kept the hurt. But as I tried to understand Karma more (I am not an expert – the topic is way to big), and then i went to a talk on good wishes and I tried to change my feeling towards the pain and hurt. Only then did I feel life was okay, it is getting better, a weight had been lifted. There is nothing like inner strength, inner peace, inner stability, which then allows one to take a mean person on the chin – but not in the heart. After all – sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. This is the way I want to live, cause being hurt for too long is not the answer for me – tried it already – lol

      Always love your comments you make me open my eyes and I appreciate that.

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  2. I don’t think we should ever be mean just because someone else is mean. We can forgive without forgetting or letting the person back into our life to hurt us again. Forgiving and letting go of bitterness are not the same as endorsing what someone did or having a warm relationship with them again. I agree with this post that hatred and bitterness just reflect back to us. I heard a quote that I always bear in mind: “Hating someone who hurt us is like drinking poison ourselves and thinking it will hurt the other person.”

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    1. Thank you Gloria, Beautifully put. I totally agree – to forgive, forget and let go are the hardest things to do when you have been deeply hurt and repeatedly hurt. I know. However, until you try to let go and have good wishes – the circle of negative doesn’t break and you don’t end up living a full life – freely flying. There is always a weight. I am strong believer of Karma, and I am only now getting to understand how deep karma is and that karma works on the feeling level to. You might not act it out , but a deep feeling can have a karmic rebound. I know and I know releasing it the beneficial. I do think Karma and law of attraction are quite closely linked – one day when I get some thoughts on it i might blog it.


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