The Power of Journaling

Today, I thought  I would share  my journaling story.   I am sure everyone  journals in some way or form.   Anyway,  here is my crazy journaling style and of course I love it.  There is no right or wrong way to journal it is what works for you.  Whatever, you do  with your journal doesn’t matter. The power in journaling comes from figuring out what is bothering you, creating a resolution, a motivation and a determination to carry on.  Well, in my humble opinion this is the power of journaling.

For me the art of taking to pen to paper is what journaling and diary keeping is all about.  I find that when I write on paper, my thoughts become calmer and clearer.  I am able to understand what is going on inside of me.  What I need to work on, what I needs to change, and why I am feeling the way I am feeling.   I am able to make plans for the future.  I am able to work through painful issues repeatedly until I find a solution.   I write my affirmations, my gratitude and I write my timeline of events I want to remember in years to come.    I feel that the act of physically writing to be the most therapeutic way of clearing out the daily chaos of my mind.  It is a brain dump, the download, the get rid of all that noise in my head and give me some silent space to make better decisions.

How often do I journal?

  • I will make sure I journal a minimum once a week and this happens at the weekend.
  • If life is intensively painful, I will journal more.  I may even journal daily and may be even 3 times day. When I am in this ‘state’ I will up my meditation, and positive reading to help get to a solution faster.
  • I like to journal about my future plans weekly, or it might be daily especially when I am trying to figure it all out.
  • I write affirmations and keep a gratitude journal, I might do this daily or minimum of twice a week.
  • Memory Keeping Journal – I only update this with significant things that I know I will want to remember later on in life.

 What time in the day do I Journal?

I don’t have a fixed time of when I journal.  I won’t necessarily do it first thing in the morning, simply because if I have not slept, I am already in a messed up mood and that just counter acts the purpose of journaling for me.  I tend to do it later in the day or evening.   I don’t like to carry over a issue into the next day, so I will do a nightly brain dump.   If the problem is huge then it might takes days or weeks to resolve, but nevertheless I brain dump at night at least 30 minutes before going to bed.   Before sleeping I will listen to something positive so I don’t go to sleep with a head full of hurt, worry or whatever it is.

 What do I journal in?  What do I do with my old journal?

don-t-need-this-1529905-639x487A good 10 years ago, I started the “de-clutter the house project” which in fact is a yearly project.    So, it came round to my journals, do I keep or do I chuck?  Initially, I kept them because I could not let them go.   Then, the following year I was more ruthless with the de-cluttering, I shredded and recycled the whole lot.  Yes Sir the whole load, except my A6 memory keeping journal.    Okay, there is method to my madness.  I am de-cluttering, right!   I have learnt what I needed to learn- right!  I have created new habits  and I am stronger.  The old books are dead weight, dead negative weight that I have released.  Why am I making my home stagnant with stale books, that I am not going to read  again and re-live what I have released?

So, you ask what about memory keeping?  Well, this is a little A6 hard cover book, I will only write significant events and significant things I want to remember.   I don’t need to remember the lessons learnt because they are now a part of my life. Why do I have to keep the paper to prove it?

Other Journaling Books

  • I keep an affirmation and gratitude book.   When these get full, I will keep them for two months into the new book and then they will be shredded and recycled.
  • Lessons Learnt book.  A nice Peanut limited edition Moleskine.   Purpose of this book is it to write my lessons learnt from my journaling.  To keep the book with me, to keep referring to it, and make a habit of whatever I need to make a habit of.  Or to remind myself of what not to do, or what to watch out.    It is my work in progress book of  what I need to improve on.   Again when it gets full and there is nothing I really want to keep, I will get rid of it.

My actual journal books.

pen-and-paper-1238460-639x897Well, you won’t be surprised my journal is NOT a pretty book, in fact it is a note book from the pound shop, or it is A4 list pad.    When I journal, I may keep my journal pages for a month, or I might keep them for a week.   Or I will shred them on the same day.   Or at the end of the month or week.    Logic- I don’t want to hold on to dead weight.    I love writing and shredding as this act is  an act of letting go, I have dealt with it and now I don’t need to hold it.   If there is a lesson to be learnt – it goes in my lesson learnt book.  Simple!

Crazy Journaling process – too many books?  Why?  What is the benefit?

I am so happy with my process of journaling I find it freeing and it is self-cleaning and meets my decluttering needs.  It might sound like a lot of fuss. I like separate books, as I like to go into my affirmation or gratitude book when I am feeling down as it lifts me up.   I like to go to my lesson learnt book to see what I have to work on.   I don’t want to wade through pages of ramblings to find the affirmation or lesson learnt, I want it on hand.   As for future aspiration – this is front and centre on a note card in my lessons learnt book.


We all journal in different ways, there is no right or wrong way to journal. We are all unique and it has to work for us.   I thought I would share what I do.  I love to journal, it is for me the only way I can resolve issues and concerns that are driving me mad.  Journaling allows me to brain dump and make space in my mind for more important things.  I have been journaling in some sort of fashion since I was 10 years old.


I would like to share two YouTube videos I came across recently that inspired me.   Clearly, my ways of journaling is quite the opposite to the videos.  Nevertheless, you might like these.   The one on morning pages:- I investigated this further, morning pages is a tool for those who are artistic and who have a creative block, and it is a way of releasing that creative block.  You aren’t supposed to keep your morning pages (google and your will find out more).

Robin Sharma = How to Keep a Journal

Morning Pages – Lavendaire


So how do you journal?  Do you journal?  Or is it a waste of time? What are your thoughts?


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34 thoughts on “The Power of Journaling

  1. I tend to journal every morning and yes, before you ask, I do it with pen and paper. I haven’t as yet gotten to the point of destroying the journals as – at times I like to go back and see what I might have been feeling or doing in say a prior year. My biggest problem in going back though is that I find that while I tend to write about what is wrong at that particular time in my life – well – while things may be somewhat better – upon reviewing my writing, I can see that some things never change. Is that a good thing? Maybe. But it also makes me want to be a bit more assertive in the things I write about meaning – how shall I put this – “doing” more than just merely “saying” or “writing” about what should or should not change in my life. See where I am coming from? However, and I apologize for rambling on so – at the time I am writing – I too find using pen and paper to write daily in a journal is very therapeutic and seeing that I have done so for more years than I care to remember, my educated guess is that I will continue to do so as long as I can hold a pen and can read my writing afterwards,

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    1. Yeap i get what you are saying. I understand holding onto lesson learnt. I am a bit special in my journaling stil , I know. I agree things repeat ..because we have yet to change or as you say maybe thats okay. Either way to brain dump clears the mind and eventually solutions are found..and found again and again…

      I get you completely and so grateful to read your comment, it made sense.

      Tc and speak soon

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I must say, this is really a unique way of journaling. 😉
    What to de-clutter and what not. It’s impressive. Your thought-process, your way of sharing this habit of yours. 🙂
    I am not really good at maintaining a journal, but I never give up. Still trying to make it a habit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aditi, lol my way is a bit mad i know. I dont journal everyday .. well i do affirmations and gratitude everyday. I think journaling clears the head and really it has helped me out of pain, or confusion . And i am glad i then chuck it all ..but keep my lesson learnt. I even write i accept….i let go…. i forgive… as repeating lines and it really move past hurt. Gratitude helps one become content and appreciate what i have.. and the whole process brings peace . I think when you find your way you will love it to. Did watch the morning pages video that might help u more. Well enjoy and good luck and glad you think my style is mad cause it is but works for me lol. Wishing u a happy new year if we dont speak..and many thanks for reading and commenting

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  3. Thanks Bella. I really enjoyed this post as always.
    I burn the journals that have been through tough times and keep the others. I also keep some of my treasure maps/ wish collages. I like morning pages best – they originate from Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way” It is a great work book that I think you would enjoy but maybe you have already read it. I have gone back to it several times and I get new insights each time.

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    1. Hi Brigids, I haven’t actually read the artists way, I have from you tube heard of it. Oh my book list is growing.

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. Yeah i throw / shred it all. What is a treasure map? Is a wish collage same as a vision board?

      Thank you for stopping by commenting and inspiring to read more and introducing me to different ways of journaling. Regards Bella

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  4. Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:

    We may not get the time to journal every day, but Sunday or Saturday are a good time to make some time for journaling. To journal is such a wonderful process it give you clarity and peace of mind. Try it. Here is how I currently journal.


  5. I used to keep a handwritten journal … on and off. The more painful life was, the more I wrote.

    As of 2013 I keep my journal online, an app called DayOne. It’s become a real habit now, every morning I write a little something in it … sometimes longer, it depends.

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    1. I deliberately hand write, this is because I am always on the computers, and my handwriting is getting worse and worse. One reason to keep the handwriting skill and two I like to shred what I write immediately. Did you watch Robin Sharma ‘s video I linked. He mentioned Bruce Lee writes his woes on a piece of paper and then burns it -as away of getting rid of the woes. Again thank you for taking time to read my post and visiting my blog.


      1. I wrote about handwriting, and my newly acquired fountain pen, last week some time. I’ve yet to watch Robin Sharma — I watched the Morning Pages, which I rather enjoyed. I liked her approach, but I’m not sure whether I’d manage three pages every morning. Maybe, but there wouldn’t be much blogging after that LOL

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          1. Okay, so now I’ve watched Robin Sharma’s video too (except the last part, I didn’t click fast enough). It was very inspiring. I’ve done Morning Pages for five days now. I like it … a lot!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hi, oh I am glad you enjoyed morning pages, and Robin Sharma. I Just think journaling is the best thing, it just helps me figure out so much stuff and free’s my mind. I don’t keep my journalling pages I get rid of them as I explained in my post. Thank your for coming back and providing a wonderful update of your progress. All the best.

              Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Matthew, Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. I am happy you enjoy my writing style, which I admit I am still developing. I am not a writer by any means. Having read elements of your blog you have an extremely eloquent and flowing style. Yes, may be we are writing each others life? , May be our overall out look on life and the wider search of truth aligns us. I don’t know. Either way, I am enjoying reading blog. Thanks again. Have a nice day in Texas. Regards Bella from London. I just love the international nature of the wordpress community.


  7. One of us seems to be writing the other’s… life? But then again it could just be a cooperative creative effort on the part of All-That-Is. Either way, I really enjoy your insight and writing style. It’s… easy. 🙂

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