The Mood Roller Coaster

Are we happy?  One day we are super happy and the next day it feels like hell? Can we put a full stop to all our negative, waste and unhelpful thoughts?    Why do our moods go up and down like a roller coaster?  Why can’t we keep stable and balanced?  What do we need to do to keep stable?   Do we provide hospitality to our negative and waste thoughts?  Do we invite them in, and offer them a cup of tea & cake?  Do we welcome them to stay longer and get comfortable in the family room or even the guest bedroom?  Do we?  Why?   What crazy habit is this – it serves us no purpose – but we love it dearly?

Are you a Lawyer or a Judge?

A Lawyer makes their case and goes round the houses and eventually gets to the point.  The Judge makes a decision quickly, firmly, with conviction and no going back.   When a negative thought enters our mind or heart, we need to be a Judge and deal with it quickly.   We do not need to invite it in for tea and cake!    If we keep managing our negative thoughts like a Judge and apply a quick sharp decision, to throw the rubbish in the rubbish bin, we will feel lighter and happier more often.    But, what do we do ……..?  We go round the houses, we keep going back to the rubbish bin and bring the rotten smelling waste back into our present life – don’t we?

Are you offering tea and cake to unwanted guests?   Are you letting them stay in the guest bedroom and allowing them to come and disturb you at any time?

We should not give negative, unhelpful or wasteful thoughts space in our hearts and minds.  Why do we offer them hospitality, come in sit down enjoy!   When they (the waste thoughts) get comfortable, we form a habit of keeping them and holding onto them.   Then, they pop out from the guest bed room, after their afternoon sleep and disturb us for no apparent reason.   Then, the crazy roller coaster starts.   We need to be the judge, we need to apply the full stop, and we need to say to them you are not welcome.  We need to say to our heart and mind, No, Let it go, don’t Entertain it, Stop, enough, I refuse to water this feeling/thought any longer.


How are we speaking to ourselves?  What is influencing us?

The way we speak to ourselves, in our minds also impacts our moods. Our self-esteem impacts our moods.  What others say impacts our moods.   We should never focus on another, as we can only change ourselves.    Do we feel we are not good enough?  Do we compare ourselves to another?  One simple fact – we are meant to be unique human beings, we are not meant to be the same.    Then, the best one  is, that we keep bring up the PAST.   Why do we keep reliving what happened 30 years ago?  Would you eat rotten food from 30 years ago?   Why are we feeding our mind this 30 years old rotten food?   The PAST Is the PAST you can’t change it, you can only learn from it.

So, start with yourself, Love yourself – speak nicely to yourself.   We are all beautiful souls and we have just forgotten this.  We just need to bring it back into the forefront of our lives.   We need to re-emerge our true self that has got lost in the algae of waste thoughts.  What is our true self, we are beings of peace, love, joy, wisdom, and purity.

It is all a habit, let us break the waste thought habit and replace it with a positive thought habit.  I know easier said than done.  But, hey we can try!  We ain’t going lose anything in trying are we?  Oh yeah, we will lose something,  you know that negative habit and won’t we be happy?

Let us try the following for the next 21 days or longer.  

Try the following for 21 day, write 21 times the following.  Obviously you can add to this as much as you like, or take away as much as you like.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started.   Like, with everything I suggest,  do this in the morning and evening (and if you can do it a lunch time great).  Can you see the pattern forming here? We feed the body how many times a day?  Three times or may be more.   How often do we feed our minds good nourishing thoughts in a day?  They say it take 66 days to create a new habit, so you may wish to do this for that long.  For now, just try it for 21 days and see how you feel, then to make it a firm habit do it for 66 days.   I personally, do this all the time as you need food for the mind every single day for the rest of your life.  You will want to mix this up as time goes on as you need to keep it new and fresh – otherwise you will get bored.  I have linked a really nice meditation and song video below to assist you with this.

Daily food for the Mind

Say to yourself,  I am a powerful, kind, compassionate soul,  I am confident, I am calm,  I am good, I am capable,  I am loving,  I am loved,  I am good,  I am brilliant,  I am motivated,  I am determined, Everyone around me is nice,  everyone I interact with is co-operative,  everyone loves me,  I have good relationships with everyone,  I am a powerful soul,  I am strong, I can receive  the power of love, compassion from the supreme – he loves me ,  he gives me strength,   he protects me.   I am capable, I am good, I am confident, everyone is considerate with me, kind with me, mature with me, and helpful with me.  Every aspect of my life is great.  I am happy, I am joyous, I am lucky, I am grateful.   I am a beautiful being of peace, love, Joy, wisdom and happiness. I am good, I am fearless,  I have all the solutions,  I am calm, I am confident, I am lucky,  I am grateful.    I am, I am, I am, I am.

Whilst doing this visualise yourself as point of light in the middle of the forehead, shining bright, shining light into your body, into the room, to those in your connection and the world.  See this light as a light of peace, warmth, coolness and compassion.     This light heals the pain in you and release the in others.

If you want to write this and say the above, it becomes a really really powerful tool for healing and shifting.   When we write things down with pen and paper, we makes it stick, it forms a habit, a new way thinking.  When you say the above and write the above, believe it ,  believe you are these qualities, and smile (even if you have to fake the smile – smile).

To conclude

Our thoughts and our feeling impact our perspective, we are the masters of our thoughts and feelings.  They don’t happen automatically.   Watch what you feed your mind.   Feed the right things at the right time and you will be emotionally healthy, wealthy and wise.     As well as doing the above I also practice mediation affirmations, gratitude, journaling and reading something inspiring daily.   I am only sharing from my experience, this is tried and tested by myself and has helped me.  Okay – lets us be real, I am not on cloud 9 every day – but I am more robust than I use to be.  I can get myself out of a bad mood quite fast and sometime within  seconds (note I said sometimes – LOL).

I am not a Councillor, I am just sharing experiments I have done in my personal life.  Sometimes, life does get too much and sometime we may need to seek professional help.   Sometimes, all we need is a few sessions with a Cognitive Therapist or a general Councillor.  There is nothing wrong in seeking professional help if you need it.

With all my heart I hope you find this useful.  Remember happiness is our birth right!


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