I am Peaceful

Do we know how to be peaceful?   Where do we find peace?  Is peace outside or inside?  Why do we crave peace so?   When I am peaceful, the world is peaceful, I am in harmony and  I am in balance with myself.  I am quiet, calm, still and content.  Practicing peacefulness will ensure that negativity will reduce its hold on me.   Peace allows the mind to be quiet, it stops our mind from going 100 miles per hour.   It creates space in my mind, it calms the pace of thoughts down.

I would like to share the following affirmations with you.  You can repeat them a as daily mantra/or a meditation.  Just follow the words and visualise yourself being peace and peaceful.   Start your day and end your day with this. Let the journey of peace begin.    I find such meditations, daily habits very grounding, self-assuring, and relaxing.  They allow you to build inner peace, they change the atmosphere of your home and surroundings.   Your inner calm will grow and you will feel so light and easy, and you will be able to put things into perspective a lot faster.     As with everything I suggest, do this over a long period of time and create a life time habit and see the magic happen.

I am a peaceful soul.  I am a shining star.   I am supremely peaceful.  I feel the waves of peace washing over me. I am calm.  I am confident.   I let go of the past hurt with each wave of peace.  I am free to fly on the wings of peace.  I am fearless.  I am truthful.   I am good.  I am capable.   I am honest.  I am strong.  I feel the waves of the supreme showering me with peace and love, I feel healed.   I am peaceful, I send out waves of peace to this body, to this room, to this home, to the neighbourhood, to city, to the world, and to nature.   We are all peaceful human beings.     I am peace, I am calm, I am good, I am going to have a great day, great life.   I have the capacity to deal with all situations peacefully, with honesty, integrity and firm humility.    I am a tower of peace, a light house of peace sending waves of peace into the world.  My vibrations of peace reach those person with whom I have difficulty and they will be showered beautifully with  calm waves of peace, and our next interaction will be a peaceful and joyful.    I will manage my reactions with peace and humility.  We are one human world family all sisters and brothers, here to help each other live a beautiful life.

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Inspired from all that I have learnt from Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.   Also, inspired from  my own practices and experiments.


21 thoughts on “I am Peaceful

  1. you’ll see me contradicting myself a lot because there is no right answer for most things so I like to pull from both ends and have a balance of ideas, but I believe affirmations are very effective for changing the chemistry of the brain and are important for a lot of people to understand:)

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    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. I think you and I will play ping pong with our posts. Yes, important to see both sides. I just like to focus on positive, cause negative automatically happens and I want to rewire. I have seen the benefits of rewiring – from what I was, to what I am today and what I will become. Focusing on positive bring me life, agree -ve are there to learn lessons and improve on.

      I enjoy our ping pong game.
      Good day /nite

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      1. every individual is different, so every person should do what works for them:) I agree with the billionaire investor Charlie Munger though when he said, “I’ve planned for the worst my entire life, and it’s made me happier.” 🙂 preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. Again, a balance:)

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        1. I am an x programmer /developer – you code for every scenario especially the bad ones, then the good ones take care of themselves. Old school programmer – non of this internet 20 languages to make a page. Worst is to learn from and gauge how much to improve on. Just want to create new positive habits, and learn from the worst. Same, kinda thing as your saying, but just wanna focus on positive.


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    1. Yvonne, thanks for visiting , reading and commenting. Jacqueline’s blog party is a great idea, really nice way to connect with others. Actually, I am already following you – I think I read one of your post for the daily prompts and started following then. So nice to connect with you. Thank your for your lovely comment on my post – means a lot – especially me being so new to blogging. Speak to you soon. Bella

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  2. I really loved this post. I am too a learner and a member of Bramha Kumari Spiritual Organisation. I’ve been their since a couple of months and I loved their ideology. Your posts are amazing and my daily motivater too.☺

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    1. oh I thought you might be with the BK from your Karma post. Well let us grow together. I don’t always post BK related – but generally do. Lovely meeting you – bella from all the way in london.

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      1. Yes I even don’t always post Karmic related stuff. I am a student Yashna all the way from India ☺Its good meeting you too.

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  3. Thank you, Bella. My spiritual teacher John-Roger has many teachings on peace, and they touch my heart. One of my favs is 9 words of peace, “I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still.” Have a lovely evening!!! Love and Light, Debbie 🙂

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