I am Peaceful

Do we know how to be peaceful?   Where do we find peace?  Is peace outside or inside?  Why do we crave peace so?   When I am peaceful, the world is peaceful, I am in harmony and  I am in balance with myself.  I am quiet, calm, still and content.  Practicing peacefulness will ensure that negativity will reduce its hold on me.   Peace allows the mind to be quiet, it stops our mind from going 100 miles per hour.   It creates space in my mind, it calms the pace of thoughts down.

I would like to share the following affirmations with you.  You can repeat them a as daily mantra/or a meditation.  Just follow the words and visualise yourself being peace and peaceful.   Start your day and end your day with this. Let the journey of peace begin.    I find such meditations, daily habits very grounding, self-assuring, and relaxing.  They allow you to build inner peace, they change the atmosphere of your home and surroundings.   Your inner calm will grow and you will feel so light and easy, and you will be able to put things into perspective a lot faster.     As with everything I suggest, do this over a long period of time and create a life time habit and see the magic happen.

I am a peaceful soul.  I am a shining star.   I am supremely peaceful.  I feel the waves of peace washing over me. I am calm.  I am confident.   I let go of the past hurt with each wave of peace.  I am free to fly on the wings of peace.  I am fearless.  I am truthful.   I am good.  I am capable.   I am honest.  I am strong.  I feel the waves of the supreme showering me with peace and love, I feel healed.   I am peaceful, I send out waves of peace to this body, to this room, to this home, to the neighbourhood, to city, to the world, and to nature.   We are all peaceful human beings.     I am peace, I am calm, I am good, I am going to have a great day, great life.   I have the capacity to deal with all situations peacefully, with honesty, integrity and firm humility.    I am a tower of peace, a light house of peace sending waves of peace into the world.  My vibrations of peace reach those person with whom I have difficulty and they will be showered beautifully with  calm waves of peace, and our next interaction will be a peaceful and joyful.    I will manage my reactions with peace and humility.  We are one human world family all sisters and brothers, here to help each other live a beautiful life.

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