Fear – Procrastination- Paralyzed

We self sabotage,

We succumb to fear,

We let fear take over us,

We have proven to ourselves many time before that we are capable,

So, why fear?

Why fret?

Why work yourself up into a tizz ?


This is an  awful habit of fear , self sabotage.

Why do we put ourselves through this each and every time ?

We know, We have proven it, We can do it.

So many times in the past we have feared, but we did overcome it  successfully, didn’t we ?

Why do we forget we are capable?  We have proven it time  and time again!

This is an opportunity to grow, to create a new comfort zone,  to expand.

Stop letting the fear paralyze us into inaction and procrastination!

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It is the right time to get on with it and blast this fear out of the water.

Just do it!

You have done it many times before, break the habit of fear.

Just do it, it will be fine.

Prepare well enough and you will be fine.

Go go go.  You can , You can.

Good bye fear for once and for all!

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Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

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22 thoughts on “Fear – Procrastination- Paralyzed

  1. I love this!
    You are so right. Why do we self sabotage? If we’ve proven ourselves strong, proven ourselves capable, why do we continue to live in fear? I have no idea what the answer to that question is, but I do know that this is a very thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. The funny thing is, it is a crazzy habit, when we step into something that scares us , we just freeze. We try and get into gear, and freeze. I think it just a case of feeling the fear and do it anyway. I read susan jeffers book – feel the fear and do it anyway, the link is in the post. You just gotta keep doing it, and keep doing it. I wish the habit of fear would stop – it such a waste of time and stress.


  3. Dr. Timothy Wilson of Harvard University calls this Wet Blanket Syndrome, which says, “the brain considers change very dangerous. The mind sees change as a threat. Thus the mind will create emotional resistance. If the mind can kill a great idea by dampening it with emotional turmoil, it will.” This is why facing our fears can be extremely difficult, but neuroplasticity says that we can always rewire our brain to overcome the fear. it’s hard to, but we can. This is why the successful person and the unsuccessful person both have the same fear, the only difference is that the successful person faces his fear and eventually he re wires his brain to get over that certain fear. great post:)

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    1. Hi Vincent, Thank you – I knew you the font of all knowledge would have answer. So, cool Wet blanket syndrome – love it. Great comment as always , really can’t expect anything less from you. Thanks always

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