June 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  As some of you know I am new to blogging – see my About page.   So,  I would like to  carry out a small experiment with my blog and try and produce a monthly newsletter, listing a few of the post in the previous months.   It is an experiment which may work or may not.  Anyway here goes.  The newsletter has been created in MSWord , using one of the templates.  If this works may be the newsletter template may change, as I grow more experienced with creating newsletters in word.   It will be available by email subscription only through the this blog.


If you would like the June 2016 Newsletter sent to your email please fill out below.  Your email will only be used for June 2016 subscription unless you comment otherwise.  As I said this is an experiment and if it falls flat on it’s face, this might be the one and only, and I will ensure I delete all email addresses.  Clearly, if you are following the blog directly you many not want to re-read what you have already read , liked, commented on.  Or you might like to have a printed copy on hand.   Anyway, the experiment begins.  Thank you for your support and understanding and forgive me in advance – if you find this annoying.

Just to add, the emails will be sent manually this is not an automated service, so there might be some delays.  Huge experiment.    I will of course not share you email address anywhere, and it will only be used for the Monthly newsletter.   I really welcome your feedback – even if you think it is rubbish or ?  Then, I know what to do or not do.  Thanks my dear friends.

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11 thoughts on “June 2016 Newsletter

  1. Don’t feel so negative about this, it might be a great idea! 🙂 Katzenworld has a subscription newsletter that tells us which posts have been made recently, it sounds similar and could work for someone like me who sometimes misses posts due to being away. Either way good luck for june 😀


  2. I signed up but I don’t think it worked? an email list is a great idea! that’s something I want to start doing eventually:) you should make an e book, 1,000 – 3,000 words, that you give for free as an incentive to signing up, just a thought:)

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    1. Hi Vincent, Mailing list is not automated yet. It manual. Thanks for the e-book advice especially the word count. Many ideas in my head, but topic and content for ebook not … i havent had my ah-a moment on an ebook. I will email you shortly havent officially woken yet.

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