Smile – No Matter What

When all else fails – Smile.

Even a forced Smile will eventually make you Smile.

The act of smiling  will free you from your burdens, your sorrows , your woes.

Even that forced Smile will be contagious to your sub-conscious and you will truly smile from within. Eventually!

When all else fails SMILE.   At least you will get a smile back .  Your day and your mood will be lifted.


It is all going to be okay.

Just keep smiling it is contagious in a good way – I promise!


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22 thoughts on “Smile – No Matter What

  1. smiles are like yawns in the way that they really are contagious. Laughter is another one. When you fake laugh after a few seconds you actually start laughing for real. I can see smiling being the same:)

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  2. HI Vincent, I was like – what is this “smiles are like yawns” then I read the rest of the comment. Luckily smiles don’t send us to sleep – lol. Yes Laughter and Smiles agree. Thanks always for your comments, greatly appreciate them. Rgds Bella


  3. And how you made me smile hard now. No, I laughed out loud, Hahaha! Both are therapeutic and healthy. I love to smile ‘cos that’s what I have to give to the world, free of charge. Thanks for smiling post. 🙂

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    1. hanger in the mouth – well that what we call forcing. Go for it , full smile, half smile, full smile, a little exercise. Thanks for commenting and visiting. Enjoyed your comment – honestly did LOL. have a great week a head and nice to meet you

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