Smile – No Matter What

When all else fails – Smile.

Even a forced Smile will eventually make you Smile.

The act of smiling  will free you from your burdens, your sorrows , your woes.

Even that forced Smile will be contagious to your sub-conscious and you will truly smile from within. Eventually!

When all else fails SMILE.   At least you will get a smile back .  Your day and your mood will be lifted.


It is all going to be okay.

Just keep smiling it is contagious in a good way – I promise!


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17 thoughts on “Smile – No Matter What

    1. hanger in the mouth – well that what we call forcing. Go for it , full smile, half smile, full smile, a little exercise. Thanks for commenting and visiting. Enjoyed your comment – honestly did LOL. have a great week a head and nice to meet you

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  1. And how you made me smile hard now. No, I laughed out loud, Hahaha! Both are therapeutic and healthy. I love to smile ‘cos that’s what I have to give to the world, free of charge. Thanks for smiling post. 🙂

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  2. HI Vincent, I was like – what is this “smiles are like yawns” then I read the rest of the comment. Luckily smiles don’t send us to sleep – lol. Yes Laughter and Smiles agree. Thanks always for your comments, greatly appreciate them. Rgds Bella


  3. smiles are like yawns in the way that they really are contagious. Laughter is another one. When you fake laugh after a few seconds you actually start laughing for real. I can see smiling being the same:)

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