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Sometimes life can knock you out for six.  Life just doesn’t go to plan, even though you did your affirmations, your gratitude and your manifestation, your law of attraction and mindfulness.  What do we do  when we feel like it is all hard work, we feel like it is not going to get easier, we feel like giving up,  we feel that all our efforts are not coming to life, we feel down in the dumps and just want go back to bed and curl up?

Remember : “ALWAYS SEE BENEFIT IN EVERYTHING“.   May be there is hidden benefit in  not getting the job, the interview, the contract, the etc.  May be it is not the right time, may be you are actually meant to achieve more than the boundaries of that job or that whatever.

No matter what, believe there is good in everything. Get out of bed, get in to gear, exercise, listen to music, do something motivational, meditate,  read a book, work towards to your goals even if you feel you have failed and want to give up.  Just keep at it, it will be worth it.

There is no such thing as Failure, just an understanding of how not to do something, otherwise known as Wisdom!  At least you are trying.   Too many people QUIT just before they are about to succeed. Change your perspective on failure, you have just learnt another way of how  not to do something.  It was not meant to be, I may not be able to see the blessing in  its disguise today, but I know it is there because I have experience it before.  Keep at it.

Success, is different for all of us, so be your true unique self and stop comparing yourself to another.  You are unique and therefore your success is unique to you.

STOP EXPECTING anything from anyone, because their own negativeness will stop them from being truly happy for you.  Unless, they are truly altruistic, magnanimous, solid in their own self esteem then they will be sincere and helpful  towards you.

So what if they don’t like you. Let them have their opinion.  YOU don’t have to agree! You know you are good. Stop knocking yourself down.

NOT getting what you want MAY BE the BEST thing for you, it is a blessing in disguise.  Trust, the hope , the wish, the manifestation, the law of attraction,  your pure hope, your pure faith, the steps you  have taken and are taking, are the steps are in the right direction. So, you did not achieve success today, it is okay, it was not meant to be.  Learn the lesson to be  learned if it is visible.  Full stop this particular chapter, and start a new chapter with a new focus and direction. Learn at every step.  There will always be more failure than success, because we have to learn how not to do it, how to be humble, how to be resilient ,  how to pick ourselves up of the floor.  It is all good learning, with out it how can we become wise, knowledgeable, self assured, trust in our self and the universe,have  faith in ourselves and the divine. There is nothing more grounding and self empowering than picking yourself up and carrying on and got giving up.   Not getting what you want is a blessing, I will see the blessing later,  I will see it.  Have the faith!   Edison failed 10,000 before he invented electricity /light bulb.

Never stop trying.  Never give up.  Be your own power house.  Keep trying.  Trust & Faith THERE IS GOOD IN EVERYTHING.    Don’t let yourself down, because you only have YOU and the Divine,  no-one else can be there for you because  everyone has their own life to sort out!   You have to be your own motivator, your own coach, your own spiritual guide,  your own inspiration,  your own rock, because when you fall only the divine and yourself will pick you up.  Keep at it, don’t give up.  You can do it, success is your birth right.  There is a blessing in not getting something today, there is and you know it, because you have been here before and moved on from this place before- successfully.    You can do it.

Good  Daily habits to keep yourself motivated always

  1.  Early to bed Early to rise makes you  healthy wealthy and wise. Improve your daily routines and disciplines
  2.  Start your day with an intention,  Meditation,  refocus
  3. Journal
  4.  Physical exercise
  5. Pep talk before you start the day.

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