Positive, Motivation, Balance Quotes #1

I am a bit of quote addict, I love them, they inspire me.  I love to break them down and see how they apply to my life.  Our thoughts can make us happy or make us cry, quotes provide good nutrition for the mind and our emotional well being.

Here are a few quotes I would like to share with you:

  1. Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be – Eckhart Tolle
  2. If you want to be full let yourself become Empty – Lao Lzu
  3. Forget like a child any injury done by somebody – immediately.   Never keep it in the Heart.  It Kindles Hatred – Swami Sivananda
  4. If you don’t design your Own life Plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone elses plan. And guess what they planned for you.  Not Much.   – Jim Rohn

Finally,  I actually learned this many year ago on a course I did at work.  “We are what we repeated do”.  I  expand this for myself to mean: –  success or failure, good or bad habits, it is  just a matter of what I repeatedly do.  If I  think uplifting thoughts then I will always be happy.   Success is just a matter of repeating , not giving up, keep on trying, just keep on keeping on, even when you don’t want to.

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28 thoughts on “Positive, Motivation, Balance Quotes #1

  1. I love the last quote. Jim Rohn said it all in those words and I can very well relate with that. Your life is in your own hands. We are responsible for the paths we take in life and the decisions we make out of the available options. Great quote! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Gloria, Like that be more mindful and present. I need to a bit of being more present I think, I have The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle – waiting to be read. I have like 6 books waiting to be read. I wonder if they spell his name differently my Book is ECKHART not ECKHARDT


  2. nice quotes Bella, number 4 and 5 are extremely important to understand. I’m curious what you think number 4 means though, do you wish to work for yourself one day or do you look at this quote differently than I do?

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    1. Hi Vincent,

      4 –
      If you don’t design your Own life Plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone elses plan. And guess what they planned for you. Not Much. – Jim Rohn

      Well, I am a bit flexible in the way I look at this. I have worked for over 25 years, in some sort of IT capacity. The last 20 years being the great and the last 10 years being brilliant. I enjoy being employed as there are a lot of benefit you get from an employer, training, great opportunities, expenses paid and you have to be accountable. As a self employed person, you really have to be on your game, you have to be your employer and kick yourself into gear, and keep on keeping on as I say. I have been both and employee and freelance contractor. There is beauty in both types of working.

      The way I see this is bigger than work, I see this as let me have a vision for my life, let me flexible and adaptable with that vision and let me go for it. It may be I am employed or freelance but the vision is mine either way. I am getting up and kicking my rear into gear which ever it is. It is like your last post Student A works for Student C. Drive , passion, tenacity , make it happen success is how ~I see it. Being employed is a safe bet in terms of security, pension, health insurance, salary, paid holiday , paid training and you are working for something you love . Freelance , different – you don’t get paid for being sick. Both types of work are freeing for me. I had a vision when I decided my degree at the 16 years old – a bit too young to have a vision and I made that vision and it came true. Now I am creating a new vision.

      Long and short of it all. you own your life be you employed or freelance. So the vision is my plan, I want to be great employee and a great freelancer. I did a job I loved and still love (but life happens and things change ). I don’t think being employed is a dirty word – In fact if you love what your are doing as an employee – it is so the easiest way to be, cause your free-ed from the other stuff you have to be concerned as freelancer. Both are great like them both.

      5) “We are what we repeated do”. Well I learnt this one on training course whilst employed. When I started out working, I wasn’t always geared for work after finishing my degree, and I had no notions – well I did. I had in my head that I MUST get my computer coding right the first time, the funcational spec right the first time, there is no second time. I had a stupid notion success is one time thing, right or wrong one time no second chance. IT SO ISN’t Like that in the world of work. It is more like – Make a decision, run with it, okay it was wrong, so what you going to do to fix it – and no one will judge you for making a wrong decision cause everyone is so mature and mistakes happen. For me, Keep on Keeping on, Repetition of good habits, pep talks, self development, is what I need to repeatedly do to keep myself successful and that is ” my version of success” cause I am unique and it is what is right for me. So if I repeatedly work on improving myself then of course I will. You can make yourself smart at anything you want to. Again Student A and Student C ..!!

      Does that help – it is a blog post in itself and I have probably broken blogging etiquette
      for such a long response /comment. May be I should blog on it properly. Regards Bella have a good sunday and week ahead.

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      1. I think everyone whether they are an entrepreneur or an employee should always think they work for themselves in the same sense that you described with having a vision for yourself.

        I don’t think being an employee is a dirty word. if that’s what you love to do then do it, but I equally think everyone should eventually take the risk to work for themselves and start their own business.

        Wow, I learned a lot about you in this comment:) Don’t worry about the length, it’s all good. it makes conversations more interesting don’t you think?

        This would be a cool blog post, you should probably blog on it and go more in depth.

        Have a great day too:)

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        1. Hi Vincent, some are just born to be their own business person which you clearly are. I just want to get one thing clear – especially as you have a mind that is the speed of light, In my 25 years of work I count – saturday and holiday jobs that I started at 16, and 4 industrial placements that I did part of my thin sandwich university degree… Before any one thinks I am way old (nothing about being old – we all get old ) but I ain’t that old yet. of course I am a girl and we just have a thing with age – ~!! LOL…

          Linked in is brilliant and the Pulse thing they created is great, when I was fully working I use to read the articles and really found them great. But, due to my mums ill health I haven’t worked for 1 .5 years just getting her back to a new norm. Before that I took a few months break as you do when you are in between contracts. So as much as I can contribute to linked in – I also am totally cautious on that. good day

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            1. She is much better thanks. But we are dealing with an new normal. When we hit the afternoon she has to sleep. She can’t walk far with out getting out of breath. But we can still laugh and smile and have fun. just a new normal and we do volunteer work two morning a week, we have our meditation. I just cant find a part time job – they are impossible. anyway – life just testing me – i just need to pass. lol .. thank you for caring


    1. Brigid, Thank you so much. I am so glad you like it. I need to find more songs, and meditation that are from the Brahma Kumaris and put them up. I am struggling a little with the blog stuff. I have only just started to teach the Raja Yoga Meditation course on session 3 out of ten – totally out of my comfort zone and struggling to balance it all. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog – was close to giving in the other day. But, I keep reminding myself and It helping me keep me motivated.

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        1. Aww so sweet. I am going to give it a good go, but there have been times I just think. Having wonderful comments from yourself and fellow bloggers makes me want to carry on. So I think I will have by blips as I call them but will try and continue – along side my blips – lol

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  3. I love inspirational quotes or quotes relating to writing. I use them often in my posts and have a few of them printed and on the wall in front of my desk at work.

    Great blog and glad I found it 🙂

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    1. I am glad you found me, so I could find your blog and your twitter – and no body dumping in that beautiful lake please. Nancy Drew – brings back memories. Good luck with your writing.

      I have yet to print out quotes, and put them on my desk – I have a little A5 books of quotes. I love them so much – I can’t chose one to pretty up and get all creative and put by my desk.

      Well I will enjoy following you and reading your comments. Thanks again for likes, comments, follow. Wish you a good day and speak soon.

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