Lazy Sundays – Reflections #1 – Follow Your Heart

So, here we are Sunday.   Wake up late, have a late breakfast – Lunch aka Brunch, and chill out with family and friends.  Take a walk, tackle a DIY project, cut the grass in the garden.  Buy the weekend news paper, flowers have a cup of tea/coffee and chill.   Prepare for the week a head- may be, some ironing, some meal prepping, food shopping, homework, report writing for work, preparing for training you are giving, or presentation,  writing up your year end performance review,  journaling your week, or just sleeping in the  whole day.    Or  are  you dreading the week ahead, the life, the  job, the yuck,  the no where – nothing to do feeling.   Or  are you so drunk from Saturday you won’t surface until may be 3pm this Sunday ?

Sunday is a day for reflection.  I find both Saturday and Sundays are my days for reflection, going inside, exploring the dusty corners of the mind, re-invigorating the  lost passions for painting, drawing, sketching, gardening and multi tasking ironing to music blasting in the background while you do a little dance not burning the shirt you are ironing!  I find it’s my time to prepare , journal, go deep into my world.    Sometimes, I am a bundle of tears and pain after which there is light at the end of the tunnel after journaling my  mood and pain away.

I get up a little bit later on a Sunday but we are generally up by 7.00 am at the latest.  Having breakfast listening to a powerful class held daily by the Brahma Kumaris.  I just don’t like to get up to late on any day because I feel like I am wasting the potential of the day.

Sunday is a great day to brain dump the pain, clear space for new things, to be inspired by new readings or re-read something.    I think it is so important to re-engage yourself with dreams, aspiration, to uplift yourself with Meditations, songs, books and the word of divine wisdom.  I am re-reading a book that I came across may be 7 years ago, as we were being prepared to be made redundant.   I love this book,  take your life into your own hands, follow your heart, figure out what you want and get into gear and make it happen.   I recommend this book to you all to read especially if you feel your are at cross roads, or just like reading,  it is a very inspiring book.  The book is light and humorous  and really practical – I love it and I am sure your will love it.  This is a book I own in paper back form – I just love my paper backs, though I read on Kindle – I don’t enjoy as much as paper back.  The feeling of holding a book and turning pages.

Follow Your Heart – Finding Purpose in Your Life and Work – By Andrew Matthews

A few quotes from the book:-

“God is NEVER going to come down from a cloud and Say:  “You now have Permission to be Successful!” –  You Have to give Yourself Permission”  –  Andrew Matthews

“What you focus on Expands” – Andrew Matthews

“When you fight life, Life Always Wins.  If you want more peace of mind, Stop, labelling everything that happens as “good” or “bad” – Andrew Matthews

Don’t waste your Sunday use it well, Don’t sleep to late, Get up and take action.  Monday, won’t feel so bad if you give yourself an uplifting Sunday.   Your life, Your choice, Your thoughts and feelings.

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14 thoughts on “Lazy Sundays – Reflections #1 – Follow Your Heart

  1. I like the quote on whatever you focus on expands. It’s strange and paradoxical because you would think that something you’re focusing on should narrow. Instead focusing on one thing tends to open up doors and create new opportunities a that probably weren’t there before.

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    1. Yes, a paradox. The other way to think of this is, if I focus on negative thoughts they too expand. So always, up beat thoughts to expand those. Glad you back on the blogging scene missed you whilst you were on holiday

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  2. i see you post affiliate links every now and then, i know what those are but how do you go about getting a affiliate link? this is something i should know by now but i just don’t and are you legally required to let your audience know that its an affiliate link?

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    1. Hi Vincent, So you know we discussed how there is no good book about blogging in the UK (well at least I am finding that). I have gained all my what to do on blogging via youtube or pinterest. Two uk beauty bloggers and youtubers did a video series about blogging and vlogging and they said you should state affiliated links. There are other UK crafters etc they all have a disclaimer and state affiliation. Now they did not say why – but I gather that honesty , transparency is the main thing. Anyway, thanks for asking as you remind me to ask my accountants – I totally forget to ask them about this when I asked them to research something else. However, I think in the USA it seems from all the pinterest and youtubers – usa bloggers need to state affiliation and even have to state earning reports. I think in the UK we are generally a lot more chilled. I will have to ask my accountants about uk – thank god I have them to ask .
      May be I am getting things wrong – amazon associate /affiliate you just join their program on their website and wait for approval. the way I see it form what these youtubers spoke – if you have the potential of earning money on your blog you need to state it.

      I am so new to all of this – sometimes I don’t feel comfortable with what I am a doing, but thanks to you for reminding me I can ask my accountants – ahh brilliant.

      Anyway, with kindle and kindle unlimited there isn’t much ~ earning capacity on amazon affiliated links. So it all about the joy of blogging and sharing – my out there thoughts – not applicable for my linkedin profile. – lol.

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    1. Roos, I am a big kid at heart. My brother has to say when I play with my nieces -who’s the kid. I will always be a kid. I haven’t got my affiliates game right, to become an amazon affiliate is simple application and your in. But it the FTC – or something we have to be mindful off. I have got my disclaimer disclosure pages wrong – I just found out. I am struggling to find out how yo disclose and what you have to do to be on the right side of FTC. I was like – I am in the UK – Do I have to comply ? So I am still learning.

      I love this book and the quotes he has are brilliant. Book worth owning , cause it is a reference book – well for me , cause I go back to it.

      Thanks for reading such an old post, and enjoying it, and commenting on it.
      thanks Bella

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        1. Roos, I am taking your comment to mean on Blogging and affiliates ? If so, then Please don’t pay attention to me
          – I might get thinks SERIOUSLY Wrong, I am NO expert.

          As for following my heart – that’s a WIP and I could be come an expert in that.



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