Monday Blues – Introducing Mr Monday Monster # 1

So, I don’ t know what it is with Monday’s,  I just don’t know?!!.   What gets over me on a Monday,  the Monday monster just strikes.   Even on a beautifully sunny day. There are sunny days that do melt the Monday monster away!  Especially when you step out for lunch sit watching the Thames and people – ah yes bye bye  Mr Monday Blues – Good Bye.  So Today, we have a grey rainy day here in London.   I have loads to do, LOOOOADS, so you would think I would be cracking on with it.   Ahh my Monday monster friend,  he just won’t let go of me.   I ask him please,  could you please, honestly please,  I REALLY  don’t want to be friends with you.  We have been friends forever, and not that cute cuddle teddy bear friends forever – friend!! No!!.   There were a few months,  even may be six months that Mr.  Monday Monster and I  were “on a Break!!”  (can you see Ross from Friends say ” we were on a BREAK!!” )- Oh you gotta love friends,  still a classic year year years after.

So where am I going with this- well I don’t know.   LOL – of course I know.  We all at some point in time suffer – endure the company of Mr Monday Monster and we really just have to kick ourselves out of the rut.   I hope your are all laughing away with this post.

Here are a few of my past post that I just re-read to kick Mr Monday Monster out:  I hope you enjoy them too.

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I hope I have made you laugh out loud because I know we all have a friend in  Mr Monday Monster –  he is a Global hit  (I know – terrible – but I am on a roll here).

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5 thoughts on “Monday Blues – Introducing Mr Monday Monster # 1

  1. We returned from sunny Spain on Sunday so we really did have the Monday Blues when we woke up and saw the rain…. Ah well can’t grumble and today there is a hint of blue sky so maybe we did manage to fit a bit in our suitcase for GB after all… x

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    1. Welcome Back Wendy, At least we have sun,and I hope you had a great refreshing holiday. Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog, especially a post from last week – greatly appreciate that. Hope you settle back into life, always a bit tough after a holiday. Take care, speak soon Bella

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      1. Ahh thanks Bella – Yep it’s never easy getting back and we had a particularly lovely break – very relaxing so now we’re having to ‘crank it up’ again! haha.. We didn’t have access to the internet for most of the holiday so when I came back there were 1500+ wordpress emails for me to plough through but I spent a lovely morning reading some brilliant posts – very inspiring! x

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