The Supreme, The Divine – Are you out there?

I was asked by a fellow blogger TwitterRipple to blog on the supreme based on a comment I made on one of his posts is a great site with very deep thoughts and quite eloquently phrased .

Twitter Ripple

Honestly, Really does God, the Supreme, the Divine exist?   I the soul who original qualities of Peace, Purity, Wisdom, Joy, Love  have gained ALGAE by living a life. The Human being is a Soul ?   We have gained fear and we have lost our original qualities of Peace, Love, Purity.  Etc.   The ALGAE stops us being our true self that is the soul.    What is Algae  A-Anger, L- Lust, G- Greed, E-Ego.   This ALGAE has made me lose the plot as I say,  we stopped behaving with love, peace, compassion to each other.   We then blamed God you created all this unhappiness.  Or we look at him to save us.  Some of don’t even believe in God.  Some say God is ever where.    The Soul and God are intangible they can’t be proven by science, my heart has to say I believe, or my heart say I don’t believe…

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  1. The belief in a higher being is an individual thing. Personally, I believe that there is a supernatural being that guides the affairs of Man. You can ascribe any name to that super force… I call mine God and I believe with faith that HE exists and answers when I call him. Great exposition from the two posts…!!!

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