Vegetarian Spicy Soya Bean Noodles

Let’s Get Cooking

Prepared with love, peace  and calm.  The way we prepare out food impacts our moods, our thoughts and feelings.


  • 1 Courgettes (aka Zucchini)
  • 1 Red and 1 Green Bell Peppers
  • 6 Mushrooms
  • 1 Carrots  (if you want – I was being lazy and didn’t this time)
  • Other vegies you want
  • Boiled water
  • Amoy – Toban Chilli Bean Sauce ( See Picture Below, I buy this sauce from Wing Yip UK – London)
  • Salt to taste (well balance out the chilli).  We use Himalayan salt – it is better than table salt which is chemically produced.  Himalayan salt will have more minerals in it.
  • Dry Noodles (egg free) of your choice.
  • Calming  music and a clear frame of mind.   Happy,  with the thought I am going to cook a beautiful, healthy, hearty, meal for my family and I .  It will fill us with peace and love

Notes :  

Quantities of vegetable as you feel fit.  Okay – this recipe is not for beginners, in that it won’t be step by step – but it is easy,  mix and match as you will

Preparation and Method:

  1. Wash your face and your hands
  2. Meditation  in the kitchen or Meditate in your quiet spot but becareful and alert.
  3. In the Kitchen – the real preparation. Make sure kitchen is clean and tidy. Play some calming music.
  4. Cut all veggies into medium to thin  strips all same-ish size
  5. prep
  6. Get your wok, and heat it up a tiny tiny amount of sunflower oil  ( which is one of the healthier oils for the heart – not the healthiest as per British Heart Foundation, but one of the healthiest).  Less oil we use better for the heart.
  7. DSCN0362
  8. Add your courgettes – Zucchini  cook for  a bit, if it starts to stick add a drop of boiled water
  9. Courgettes.JPG
  10. Add Bell Pepper – cook for a bit.  Add boiled water if it starts to stick
  11. Add a tiny tiny amount of salt – to create a bit of water and cover for a little bit
  12. In a separate pan, boil water for noodles
  13.  In the wok add mushroom,  and keep adding tiny bits of water if it gets stuck.  Cook for a bit
  14. Add about 2-3 medium sized spoons of the chilli bean sauce.  Keep tasting as you go along.
  15. sauce.JPG
  16. Add you noodles to the boiling pan – no added salt or extra oil
  17. In your wok – if you feel the veggies are done, then turn the wok off and cover.
  18. Once noodles are cooked, drain them,  if you want to put a bit of cold water to stop them cooking any more.
  19. Add  the noodles to the wok, and stir.  May be heat up if you have turned off the heat. Taste it add a bit of salt if it too chilli, salt will balance it out.
  20. Now that you have finished cooking in a calm and peaceful mind set.  Take a little bit out offer it to the divine (if you believe in the divine) or just take a bit out and sit down in meditation and fill it with peace, love and happiness.  Add that bit back to the main wok and stir back in – so the vibration spread.
  21. Ready to eat with Family.    Before eating, individual family members can say grace separately or together. Something that gives thanks for the food and fills the food with peace and healing, peaceful vibrations. vibration.
  22. I like to have it with camomile tea
  23. DSCN0378

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy.   

I hope you have a go and enjoy.  

The Frame of Mind When We Prepare Food and Serve Food

The way food is prepared really impact our mood, our thoughts, our health. 

A little story. There was this extremely well to do man who never a concern for money.  Suddenly, he started to have dreams and nightmares about money.  This continued for a few days.  Then stopped for a few days and then Started for a few day.  He thought to himself, I have no reason to worry about money.    He was speaking to his cook and she eventually explained to him that her family were deeply concerned by money.   Then he realised why he felt the way he did.  Additionally  there were a few day when the cook was off  he didn’t feel like that.

I hope this little story demonstrated how our thoughts, feelings, vibration and emotional state impacts the food we create for our-self and our families.

I encourage you to meditate in your home every day, and to cook in love. When we are in peaceful frame of mind, then magic unfold for me and my family and anyone who walks into my home.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please, comment, like, share or subscribe to my blog. 

Equipment  – Nikon Cool Pix  & MSPaint.   All pictures in this blog are the copyright  of 2016. Revised 2020 Feature image created via

Inspired by the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation as taught by Brahma Kumaris.    The way we prepare our food and in what consciousness we eat our foods, impacts our thoughts, moods, feeling and your mediation experience.

© 2016 revised 2020






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11 thoughts on “Vegetarian Spicy Soya Bean Noodles

  1. Wonderful recipe and I completely agree about how the way the food is prepared has an effect on eating it. When someone cooks with love you can literally taste it.
    Vegetarian food and camomile tea, I’m both vegetarian and drink camomile all the time :).
    As for rotating the picture, I haven’t tried to do that yet in word press 😮 But I did once rotate a pic from my camera (by pure accident) by viewing the photo in windows media player (it just automatically loaded windows media player when I right-clicked preview) and pressed rotate to view it the right way up. After that the file always reads the right way up in my pc. Maybe that will help…or not. lol
    Btw sorry I haven’t checked in with your blog more. I’ve been a bit overly busy recently but I do read your posts, eventually, sometimes I’m not logged in but still read :).
    I also forgot to tell you that the newsletter looks great, not sure if you plan to keep it going but it looked great and a lot more professional than I had expected :).

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    1. Thank you! Brilliant we like the same things, how cool. Thanks for the advise, will try next time or when I have a go at redoing this . Newsletter – I am not sure what I am going to do. I need to get mailchimp set up first and then I might go for a newsletter – cause manually posting is not a smart move. I am struggling with life and blogging so no worries I understand life gets busy. Thank for a wonderful comment, speak soon and take care in the mean time.
      Regards Bella

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      1. Don’t worry about the newsletter if life is taking up your time. Just blog when you feel like it :). I think it’s best to approach new things as and when we’re ready and have the time. I only joined facebook recently but did it as I had some time a few weeks back and I’ve eased into it slowly, same with blogging or newsletters, just go into it when you feel like it and have the time :). Hope that picture works out, it seems to work when I view it first in media player and rotate it there (I just tried it again today 🙂 )

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