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Dear all,

This is a post full YouTube Video’s from Robin Sharma and Amit & Naroop.  I include a blog post by a fellow blogger Vincent Carlos.

I find all these videos  brilliant pep talks that help me get out of the Monday Rut, or the RUT in general.   We are not always upbeat, we have downs, we want to give up.  So for those times,  listen to these wonderful videos and  read the great Blog post and inspire yourself back into action.

The blog post   Success Requires Patience by Vincent Carlos is full of facts and figures on how long it took people like Bill Gates to become successful.  It is quite inspiring and it makes it real for us. The importance of patience and

We can bring ourselves up or we can bring ourselves down with our thoughts, it is all in our hands.

Success 2

Amit and Naroop

This video is brilliant there is a bit in video where Naroop talks about Fail , fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, Success,  Then Fail , fail, fail, fail. … success.   I found this truly inspirational talk and It can be applied to any field of life not just photography.    I hope you find it inspirational.  I include the facebook snippet here and the full video is below.


Those who have read my post on The Power of Journaling  already know I am a Robin Sharma fan.  Here are a couple of his video I enjoy and that inspire me into action, especially when I am in RUT mode.



Amit and Naroop’s Full Video if you are interested in hearing the whole video


So my take away

  1.  Get up early and go to bed early.  Have discipline.  When you wake up early you seize the day rather than waste it.
  2. Know how to motivate yourself, drive yourself, know how to pick yourself up, have a goal, have an aim, have a plan for your life, have a dream, remind yourself of it, make steps to progress these.
  3. Have a goal, aim and have a plan for each day.  Go an attack your plan for each day, but stay flexible, because sometimes plans don’t go the way we want them to and life happens. But, don’t go living an aimless life – that would be such a waste of your potential.
  4. Know that it took  Bill Gates  20 years plus before becoming successful.   Google his story.
  5. Know that YouTube is full of video by Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, and loads of others – so you can pick yourself up for free and get driven for free.
  6. Know that you can google anything, the library is at your finger tips, there is no excuse any more not to find out stuff.
  7. Know and believe in yourself,  keep on keeping on.  Rely on yourself and be your own coach.
  8. Know that your thoughts will help you or fail you.  Watch your thoughts.    Now , never become an Ego maniac – stay humble and real.   A successful person is extremely humble not arrogant – generally.   Some have more money than sense.  But a successful person is real and humble – if arrogance comes in then in my book you are not successful, your on the verge of being a bully.
  9. Remind your self of your goals and aim.  Do a Pep talk to yourself once a week or regularly if you are in a mega rut.
  10. Be an all rounder. Variety is the spice of life, don’t just go for your goal cause you will get stuck.   Go to the Gym, cook, Read, socialise,  hobbies, volunteer – keep expanding your life as you chase your dream or try to realise your dream.

Acknowledgement to Robin Sharma,  Amit & Naroop and Vincent Carlos.  Their work is out there free on YouTube or WordPress for you to find and be inspired.

Thanks for stopping by .  Please comment, like , share or subscribe to my blog.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Pep Talks – Get inspired

  1. have you read Robin Sharma’s book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”? it’s one of my favorites, I would recommend it to you if you’re a fan of him:)

    I’m honored that you shared my post, always nice to know your words can mean something to people so thank you:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Vincent, My Pleasure. I am planning to buy Robin Sharma’s book. I just have a small issue, I was supposed to read 2 books in May – and I haven’t. Since then I brought Crush it, 4 hour work week, and I think 2 others, and I got side tracked reading another book. I know – self inflicted pain. But, getting Robin book is on the card. Have you read his ‘Leader without a title ” ? – that one intrigues me because on one of his YouTubes Videos he explains about a cleaner who cleans with so much love – I relate to this there was this cleaner who cleaned the CCU ward my mum was in when she had her two separate heart attacks – who would clean with so much passion – it was amazing and inspiring.

      Thanks for stopping by . What did you think of Amit and Naroop video ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love that you bought “crush it,” great content in that book:) no I haven’t read that book, what is that one about?

        I’m learning more about you with every comment, that’s crazy what your mom has gone through, I couldn’t imagine. She must be a strong woman to have gone through that.

        to be honest Bella, I thought it was too many videos to put in a post, if a post has just one, I’ll always watch it. if its someone I have a relationship with like you then I’ll watch more, but I just thought it was too much so I didn’t get to watch it. that makes me feel bad, I should’ve though, I’m sorry

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey Vincent, I thought I over did it with the videos – But that is me – I like youtube video on the phone and multitask. I will revise the post. Mum is super strong – I am learning something with her every day . Honestly – mum is brilliant and I am so lucky to have her. When I see everyone else – I have the right mum for me – makes sense.

        I haven’t read the book myself – but I want to because I think the title implies lead without a title – I think its about being the best you can regardless of position and that is why he gives the cleaner example – I think it is about self mastery. But I have to buy and read.

        I will revise the post and only keep one of Robins then – thanks for feedback

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey Vincent, not to worry about not having time to see all the video – my fault – it was over kill and I knew it. Please continue to be honest with me and tell me when it was too much, a bit of honest , sincere feed back is useful. I have cut out two videos – now its only 4. But have a listen to the Amit & Naroop one the first one it is short and sweet snippet of the full one at the end. I think you might like it – or at least have an opinion on it.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I watched the video:) the video was something I understand already though so it wasn’t a new idea to me, the whole idea of being a purple cow. It reminds me of what Jim Rohn says, “you can’t just be inspired, you have to be educated. you have to get out of second grade eventually.” inspiration and motivation is great, but how many times can you be told you have to fail in order to succeed? I may be wrong so when I get a chance I’ll try to watch the whole thing.


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