Thank You – Dear Follower & Supporters

Dear All,

I wanted to express my sincerest Thank You to all of those who have been following me since I started on 7th March 2016 until now and  into the future.

The blog is “organically” growing,  slowly and comfortably for me.   I  branched out into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest in May 2016 and gained more followers via those social media outlets.  I started to try to blog more frequently.  I also set up a gmail account – yet another learning curve.

I am still figuring out what to post,  testing out a few different ideas here and there. I still haven’t mastered what my editorial calendar should be like?  When to post? What time?  What topic?  When to read others blogs, when to comment?  When to to Tweet and Instagram?   It seems like you have to do this everyday otherwise -!!    I tried to be smart by using my Smartphone,well what can I say between the wifi and the smart phone slowness, I am left wanting to scream many times.   Hey ho! Just sharing some of the blogging joys I have the pleasure of entertaining.

Sometimes,  I think the WordPress Stats page is fibbing, it says Monday  is my best day – well, I am not sure?   It say 8pm is my best time – huh?   Anyway, I continue on regardless.  Oh yeah, and  my twitter numbers on WP Stats page  keep getting out of sync with twitter; I keep on having to disconnect and reconnect the share to get the right number?  I have mentioned it to the happiness engineers but need to again.  My numbers are SOOO Small – I can notice the twitter numbers on wordpress stats page are wrong – lol!!

The word press community is beautifully supportive I feel like a have a new family.

Twitter is an interesting world,  but enjoyable.    Likewise Instagram , Pinterest , Bloglovin and Facebook.     Don’t get the wrongly impression here,  my follower numbers are small, sweet and manageable.    And it is enjoyable to be on all platforms and to receive comments, likes and re-tweets.

I am not a writer by any means.  That is, why March and April were “luke – warm  ” starts -deliberately,  I wanted to test myself – can I write something new each time?  Am I motivated enough?

I am still struggling,  I think I  have a lot to say, but sometimes I feel am I repeating myself?    I was so glad when I came across the ‘Morning Pages’ youtube video in Feb 2016 – it helps unblock creative types ( I have yet to believe I am a creative type)  See my  blog post The Power of Journaling for the Morning Pages Video.  I don’t do morning pages all the time but it does help when I do. I never follow everything to  the letter, I follow the principle.

I  happy that I started to blog it is a good way meet new people, learn  different topics,  respect different opinions, grow myself on topics I might not normally read  and seeing all the beautiful writing styles and passions out there is hugely inspiring and motivating. It has opened me up to a new world.     I am happy  that I am on a learning curve because it is always good to learn .

I  simply want to say a BIG THANK YOU To everyone for following me, to the older and new followers  on all platforms, thank you for  your support it means a lot to me.

A special  Thank you to the word press community of writers for the support, guidance and comments.  I love your comments and I love to read your blogs.

Wishing everyone success and happiness.

Kind Regards Bella

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  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying blogging. Never forget that it’s there to be enjoyed, if it ever feels like a chore you should step away for a bit. As for blogging schedule I don’t have one, I blog as and when I feel like it 🙂 So don’t worry if you don’t want to commit to a specific time.
    I hope you continue to enjoy yourself and your community keeps growing. I’ve only gone into facebook and that was after a few months of blogging, wow you’ve tackled all the social media at once, I might have to ask for tips :).

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    • Thanks for your comments and advice. Oh my , honestly i am no social media expert.. it hard. You could me naive or stupid to go on all social media at one. My figures are not worth mentioning when it comes to pinterst, bloglovin abd facebook. But it is okay cause i think i would explode. I probably took on too much too soon and thats why i might be overwhelmed more often than i rather be. But wordpress share buttons make it easier. Thanks

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      • Yes, I did read one author’s blog where he said that the way to tackle social media is to do it slowly, so that’s the method I’m doing. I’m getting more comfortable with facebook so next step twitter!! 🙂

        Are you sharing your individual posts or have you set up wordpress to do it for you? Sorry, I didn’t visit your blog (only been reading in wordpress reader) do you have a facebook page?

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        • I wrote you a response and my stupid computer decide to have moment and I lost it all. Ahhh. FB I have a page, check out my follow me button – right side of blog. I think I am called thoughtsnlifeblog1. I keep my blog fb separate from my private. I manually push up to fb cause I could figure out how to on WP and I decided I want to control that feed to FB. Where as twitter it is a direct feed with several followups in the day. I think WP makes it really easy to link to twitter, facebook, googleplus, pinterest. But instagram – because instragram dont want direct links with WP (I asked the happiness engineers) it make instagram hard . Instagram is hard work… and not sure if I am making way, but I have a decent following. FB for me is a bit of weird flop i think. The post are being read, but the page is not being liked. Anyway, I aint to worried about that. I want to get instagram working , bloglovin and pinterest sorted.

          Actually, i wanted to ask you about amazon uk – reviews – I might email you separately.

          I think Social media is a little easier cause WP has made it easy and the rest you do from the phone.

          tc speak later Bella

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        • I liked your page on Facebook :). Don’t worry about not having many likes there. My page doesn’t have many either. Setting up blog posts with Facebook is easy and you can choose if a post will be shared or not. They are shared by default but i think you can select a post’s share buttons to opt out…Ive never tried it though :o! Lol
          As for amazon, ask away either here or you can email me on :). 18 months ago I was clueless about reviews but now I’ve become an expert, I think :). Whatever the question please do ask :):)

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    • Hey Jame, Oh man , I am no experts. Twitter is a beast. You will get the most randoms of followers, who want to get your business, coach your, you buy their product, and some you have to outright block – I mean it. Don’t follow everyone, but be mindful they want a follow back. Try to connect with those you follow. Give thanks for thoses that follow, retweet and like. Make a point of liking, retweeting what you like. In terms of your own work – WP shares directly to twitter, make sure you push up your post from word press to Twitter may be 3 to 4 times a day. And any of your old post to that you feel haven’t got enough love. Twitter is so fast your post are lost as soon as hit twitter. And always have an international head on. Post at different times of the day, cause different countries are waking up or going to sleep or lunch break etc…

      But also, tweet directly quotes or things you like. Keep engaged and keep them engaged.

      But hey I am no expert honestly. With me twitter takes off like sky rocket – it grows fast ish, but you will have people stop following you. And honestly that is okay cause what you want is the crowd that genuinely like what you are posting well I think … But hey i am new to blogging I aint and expert YET (dare I say yet) all the best James. good luck with it. Regards Bella


      • James – I am just trying a app called Buffer for twitter – 30 day free trial. Then may be in 10 days time I might try hootsuite, and then tweet deck to see what I like for social media.


      • I guess what I am taking from that, it is the quality of the followers and not the quantity!

        At the moment I am going for a strategy of getting people interested and then I might start sharing my blog articles. See how it goes, thanks for the great advice 🙂

        PS. just followed you!

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        • James, Thanks for the follow and comment. With twitter you will get all sort at anytime . I just started to share my blog straight way on twitter – naive me, Anyway – I got people following me that are like minded from word go – and me being totally clueless and no hashtags and still no hashtags – . I am so random – a naive person in the juggle of twitter – eek.

          Speak soon Bella

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  2. I think that if you feel you have something worthwhile to share, go ahead and share it. Don’t stress over stats. They can be misleading at times. Besides, if you even touched just one life significantly for the better, wouldn’t that be enough of a reason to keep writing? I heard an author ask this question in an audiobook: “Would you do all of this just to change one life?” I have thought of that many times. If the answer is “yes,” then that’s all that truly matters rather than just numbers.

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    • Hi Gloria, Always the wise words of my senior to ground me and make me look at the big picture. Well I have a few aims/goals with this blog. I agree with the numbers to a certain degree – I am a bit double minded on this.. Touching lives – I totally agree on this because I didn’t realise that my blog would touch lives as it has done. I can’t even believe it has. It is so lovely and you are right, the content and the touching and inspiring is the important one. Like I said I have a few aims and goals with the blog – but I am taking baby steps because it give me the time to get use to all the technologies and the audiences,and how i need to be. I am trying to lay some sort of solid foundation – … let see. Gloria always thanks for your wise words and grounding advise totally appreciate it. Speak soon Bella


      • I have my goals, too, so I totally understand where you are coming from. However, the time and effort it takes to keep up with all it takes to get enormous numbers of followers seems overwhelming to me. I do my best, but I have left the future of my writing efforts in the hands of a Higher Power to guide it. I will do my part, but I trust God to use my efforts in the best way possible. If I could touch just one life, I would consider myself fortunate indeed! I wish you all the best of luck!

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        • Dear Gloria, You are my senior for a reason. I know I can see it getting ridiculous and unsustainable. So, I totally take on what you are saying. I know right now the amount of time I have spent today blogging and blogging related. I just need to find a smart way, but when If I get bigger, or when I get bigger, I can not operate like this – no way . It has to be smarter and may be when you are bigger you can reduce your post – I got to get reading a few books fast on this. Yes, we have to leave a lot to faith and the God. And I do feel that God is working a few magic through some of the stuff I have shared. I need to get reading and sharing better content so more can get touched. – Gloria, thanks always. you keep me level headed – I need your advice. many thanks Bella

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  3. What a sweet and lovely post, Bella! Congratulations on your success so far — and best wishes for many new friends, and many years of happy blogging.

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    • Hi there, ummm success , ummm. Thank you for your wishes and i wish you the same. I have been meaning to say thank you for sometime. I believe in expressing thks it is important -well i believe. Speak soon bella

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  4. Well, it’s nice to know your name as Bella. It can be mouthful to call you thoughtsnlife. Anywhoo, you’re so welcome, I see you’ve done well so far. I am not on those social media you mentioned like Instagram, pinterest, or bloglovin’ I do promote on fbk and twitter though. The most important thing is to have fun and connect with other traders and writers. It’s fun and educative at the same time.

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    • Vincent , been wanting to write a thank you note for a few days. Important to says thanks. Oh me and my journey , it is rather funny – hey. Wishing you a good day and thank you for reading this as it was intended. Bella

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  5. A Big your welcome and And even bigger Thank You to you! Your knowledge is much appreciated and your consistency is admirable. How do you find the time to write? When are the best times you write and how do you manage to post and keep up with all social media outlets?

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    • HI Monica, Thank you for the Big Thank you. Me consistent – eek I haven’t posted today and haven’t had time to read others blogs or comments. Or respond to comments. Currently, I am in between jobs and trying to find a part time job which is extremely hard to do. My mum has not been well and it has required me to be at home. I want a part time job so I can have money coming in and be there for her. But finding a part time job is so hard. and BriEXIT – well we are in a bit of in the UK.

      I struggle with consistency like everyone. I have been studying and practicing Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris for years as you know. So, this gives me a lot of inspiration of topics to write. I generally , Write in a note book ideas of what I post, I might even write the whole post in the note book. However, a lot of the time, I just get an idea on the day and just write about it . Sometimes it is planned in advance.

      Best time to write – when ever an idea comes – I jot it down in my note book or whatever I have round. It might come from a journalling session. I am so Random in what I do and when I do, that is half of my problem in blogging.

      Social media outlets – Twitter – with the use of tweetdeck is heavenly easy now. Facebook, pinterest , google+ all easy as you can push up from word press. But instagram – oh man that is hard work, cause there is no link from word press. I mainly concentrate on twitter and instagram. I repost other instagram stuff and retweet on twitter. So that gets people sometimes to my post.

      I am so new to this – I am not an expert, I am still figuring it out. I did not post today and I might not have time to post tomorrow. EEK – there is my consistency out the door.

      My one tip – keep a note book and pen with you all the time, ideas come at any time. Writer it out on paper – or record it on the phone and use them later.
      I don’t always succeed, but I like to try and keep my post small and not too much to read. However, the power of journalling and Mood roller coaster where long ones.

      I tell you journalling is a good way to find topics. And a lot of stuff is a version of my own learning or my own personal struggles and how I have overcome them. And a lot is the Brahma Kumaris. I write to help me and in helping me others get helped, it seems.

      Sorry for the long comment and it is a bit late, sorry.

      Regards Bella

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    • K, Thanks for this. Love the working my butt off – Oh my poor fingers, my poor laptop – oh my aching brain…
      It is an enjoyable journey and meeting load of wonderful caring folks in the blogging community. And what i love the most it is an international community , everyone cares and shares.

      Thanks again – i think all us bloggers are working our butts off – LOL
      wish you all the success in the world.
      Kind regards bella


  6. Oh Bella, I am so glad that you are here!! Your post is sweet, genuine and full of expression! 🙂 Sending many blessings your way. I’m glad to be a part of your blog, twitter, and instagram family.

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