“Solitude – Peace- Joy “a Meditation.


I sit in solitude, so far away from the burden, the problems, the sorrow of this world.

I experience Peace, Silence, Coolness.

I feel weightless, free,

I feel Joyful & Carefree

I am a being of  Peace.

I am a point of light, a Soul, in the middle of  this forehead.

I am being of Peace,

I am a Point of Light

I am an immortal soul.

I am spirit

I am Peace, Purity , Love, Wisdom, and Joy

My true personality is Peace , Purity and Truth.

Ahh what a beautiful moment of tranquility , of clarity , of Peace, of me being my true self.

I feel whole, I feel healed,  I feel peaceful and content.

I will return to my original personality on  a daily basis.


Inspired by Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris. The Brahma Kumaris have centres in almost every country /city in the world all courses are free, all talks are free.

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    • Hey Shana, Thanks for the nomination, I am so new to blogging – so what do i need to do for this award ? and what is this award for ? I get so confused ? If you can advise. Thanks again for the nomination . Bella

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      • Hey Bella! (So that’s your name, huh?) An award is something like a token of appreciation given to each other by bloggers. When someone nominates you, you read their award post, go through the rules (though this award I nominated you to doesn’t have any rules), answer the questions I’ve asked and finally nominate 4-5 bloggers for the award. When you nominate them, you can notify them about that by mentioning it in a comment.

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      • No time limit. You can do your post whenever you want. You have to make a post in your award and display it in your blog. So that’s got no time limit. !!


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