Daily Intention – Detachment

What is your intention for the day? 

It is important to set an intention for the day.  When I set an intention for my day, I create a focus that I try to do the whole day.     So today I would like to suggest Detachment.

Are you free to do what you really want to do ?  Or are you controlled by those negative automatic reactions?   I am one with self respect when I choose to act rather than react.  I am able to detach myself from the situation, take a breath and decide what my response is in this situation.  Are you able to experience your feelings with allowing them to control you?

Let us Explore What DETACHMENT is ?

Detachment is to be in a situation but away from the situation.  The situation doesn’t disturb me, though it is disturbing.   Detachment is choosing how I will act in a situation rather than reacting.    I choose to speak or remain silent.   I choose not to take it personally or I take it personally.  I choose to get into a battle or  I choose that my inner silence and stability is more important  to me.


I am aware of my feelings and choose my actions with detachment and wisdom.  I choose to be my best self no matter what happens.

What is my best self

I the Soul -am a being of Peace, Purity, Wisdom, Joy, Happiness,  Love, Contentment.   Full of the power of silence, the power to know when to engage, when not to engage, when to be humble, when to be bold, when to let go and when to conserve my energies  (my peace , my calm).     Does a fireman put out a fire with fire?  or water ?  So why  do I react to a fire with fire?    We are powerful souls but we constantly make a habit of  practicing  negativity when we react.    If we choose to be calm, patient, purposeful and positive when we interact we break the cycle of negative reactions.

With our thoughts, words, actions we create a positive or negative Karmic accounts.  Our action (karma) causes us sorrow or happiness. Therefore, the solution to  pain is to do positive karma.  Then I will be happy.  Detachment allows me to create space and it allows me to choose and then respond rather than react.

I hope you found this helpful.

Thank you for stopping by. I  wish  you beautiful day full of happiness.   Please Share, Like, or Comment or Subscribe.

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This post as most of my post are inspired by Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.  The Brahma Kumaris is a Global organization, all talks, all course are FREE of charge.  If you want to find out more please visit Brahma Kumaris Offical Global Website.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the World ”   Gandhi

23 replies

    • And when we re-enforce it will powerful positive thoughts, and doing good actions, we negate the impact of negativity in our life. Negative should always be replaced with positive, so that positive become the new habit.

      thanks for you comment.

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        • If I every get my act together I want to write on Karma. Then on Blame. Forgivness, letting go. We have to becareful especially when we are hurt badly, not to keep that pain in our mind, in our heart, not to blame – because we create such a negative karmic bondage that – that hurt will always hurt us forever, we will not be free from it. So of my older post cover bit and bobs. Like the Mood Rollercoaster. “Change – Anticipate, Adapt,Enjoy”, Good Wishes, Time management, The power of journaling. “Motivate, Inspiration & Perspective”.

          I end on one final quote
          Forget like a child any injury done by somebody, immediately . Never keep it in the heart it kindles hatred – Swami Sivananada.

          wishing you a good day and good weekend

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    • Monisha, Many thanks for commenting on my blog and FB. For the benefit of the WP community who won’t have read the FB comments. -> Yes, Baby steps lead to successful habits and one day our normal reaction will melt away and we will be surprised at ourself that we didn’t react. It is such a nice experience and totally achievable.


  1. when you say intentions, does that mean like have a goal for the day? because the example you give doesn’t sound like a goal, but more so a change in mental habits, which I guess is a goal, just clarifying though:)

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  2. I will focus on one attention per day and would to be emailed Bella.
    Phenomenal post, I had a small circumstance yesterday were things weren’t flowing well between a friend and I and I did this and it worked ! I left to the restroom to get space and rechannel, I then came back after and enjoyed the rest of my night by losing the detachment. Didn’t realize what I was doing but after reading this I understand the power of detachment. You should definitely write, you constantly teach me and help me be better. Thank you so much Bella ❤️

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    • Monica , i need to set up a mailing list and service and it might take some time to get sorted. I want to automate it rather than manual. Please for you personal privacy can you edit your comment and remove your email. When i set up an email list i will blog post on it and then you can give email. Dont share your email openly like this. Sorry for being big sisterly like this… i am glad this resolved and helped you in your day and big thanks for you response really appreciate it. Kind regards bella

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    • Monica, I am really glad you enjoyed this and it helped you. I removed your email address from your comments. When I get my act together I will create an automated mailing list and I might do weekly or twice a week posts of this nature. I often struggle to find the time to write. But until then , I will try an blog a daily intention once a week as a few people liked it.

      Sorry if I will be quite for the next few days.
      Take care Bella

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