Inspired & Motivated by Quotes #3

Our thoughts can make us happy or make us cry, quotes provide good nutrition for the mind and our emotional well being. Enjoy!

To like a quote is one thing but to make your life better from that quote is a whole different level.


Life is a difficult game.  You can win it only by retaining your birthright to be a person. – Abdul Kalam    

Circumstances do not make a man, they revel him.  – Wayne Dyer

It’s not whether you get knocked down.  It’s whether you get up again.  – Vince Lombardi

You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S Lewis

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.  – Zig Ziglar

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.  – Unknown

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19 thoughts on “Inspired & Motivated by Quotes #3

  1. hi Bella:) I feel like it’s been a while since we talked. it’s the beginning of a new week, and nothing better to start out a week than with some new quotes:) I really like the patience one. it’s been a common theme I’ve been reading abut and it’s even more important for us bloggers to be patient. thanks for the inspiration Bella:)

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    1. Hi Vincent, yes it feels like a while. I just love quotes as you know. How have you been. I have been shocked and side tracked by Brexit .. so havent felt like blogging. Yes we need patience in blogging loads of it. Have a great day. Speak soon

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      1. I’ve been good:) I’ve been writing more on linkedin lately so I have spent less time on wordpress which means less daily blogs. I forgot you live in London, how is Brexit going? can you give me your opinions on it? would love to hear abou it

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      2. Yes I gathered you where linking-in !! It makes sense to invest time there as your writing suits that audience. But, I have missed you greatly, your post and your comments.. You are one of my first followers. And we always have a polite discussion on opinions – so do miss you.

        BREXIT – Well I voted remain. Brexit won by 4% points – which is nothing. The brexit leaders stabbed David Cameron in the back. Then he Boris Johnson got stabbed in the back by MR Gove who said he would never run for leadership of the conservative party. David Cameron is a good international states person. Boris was the major of london. Gove – well he played a disgusting game and is now standing to be leader of Conservative party should he win he becomes our prime minister as David Cameron stood down. The opposition party is in a mess. Both SNP and Moody’s have take our triple A star rating away, pound is bouncing up and down. Racism rears it ugly head again. Gove is disgusting immoral and amoral person – but he stands to be leader of the conservative party , along with a 4 others. I think humanity have lost the plot – people are even supporting Gove – how can anyone support a back stabber – once a back stabber always – how can such person be so close to leading a country – who is so selfish – the most disgusting thing ever. I could go on forever, it is mess – watch it on cnn and fox , or sky – or bbc – you see.

        Let me stop
        Missed you – and thanks for commenting and reading all my blogs. I hope you are able to visit us in wp land more often – you always have interesting post – that make me think.

        speak soon

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      3. thank you for giving me your thoughts on the topic:)) One topic I’m not well educated on is politics. I wish I was more passionate about it though and spent more time reading on it. It must be an interesting time over there though? or not really because you voted to remain?

        no problem:) I enjoy reading your blogs. you’re always the first person I try to read when I get on wordpress:)

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      4. Brexit worries me as this our future. Davud Cameron quiting is huge loss. My mum is way into politics, i have grown to be involved in it. Brexit has a direct impact on all of us.

        Vincent , thanks for the compliment, ditto i read your bog and comments first too. I am having a bit of a slump. I am teaching the raja yoga meditation course first time in my life our 1,
        & half hpur session yesterday became 3 hours…

        I am experimenting with not blogging on mondays and blogging rest of week. Not finding time to read life is good otherwise.

        how is lunked in going

        speak soon

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      5. hopefully Brexit was a good decision:/

        that’s awesome:) is this like a business you started where you teach the course? or did you become a instructor as part of a bigger brand?

        always good to experiment with your blog. again, don’t worry about the slump, experiencing it myself:)

        LinkedIn is going well:) there’s a bigger audience there for me. I’ve written 5 posts in the last month for them and my articles have been viewed by over 50,000 people so doing well so far.

        did you get your books yet?

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      6. Oh My Brexit – who know we have a long way to go. The ruling party is going through a leadership election, and who ever gets in become our Prime Minister, as David Cameron quit. I love David he is such statesman. Anyway, our next prime minister is going to be a Women as it between two women now. Go girl power….

        Well done on LinkedIn – 50,000 – Wow . Your writing suits and they are all professionals. Writing on linkedin is a different league and congratulations on that and growing that. Good luck managing two writing platforms. Investigate Bloglovin – ~See if it something that might work for. In away it is another way to post blogs and connect with other bloggers. I don’t have a massive following there, but could be another marketing avenue – that you could use as passive market type thing, before exploiting Bloglovin real power (well that is my game plan, but I just struggle with being prolific blogger and commentor).


  2. My favorite was “circumstance don’t make a man they revel him” by Wayne. I’v been listening to a lot of his audio and his mentality and what he teaches is powerful. Iv become a big Fan. Thanks Bella for this inspiring post.

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