Did You Know, that there is a link between Prescription Medication and the Loss of Vitamins and Minerals?

I first read a Facebook post and then in a UK Newspaper article,  that explained that a common diabetic medication reduces the amount of B12 you have.      The medical community are wonderful, they help us in many way.  But,  never will they tell you all the side effects of medication in regards to the loss of vitamins and mineral,; you won’t even find it in the leaflet inside the medication box.    Finding this information made me intrigued to find out more, and I came across a great book – details below – click on image it takes you to amazon site.

Suzy Cohen is a pharmacist for more than 22 years,  she started to notice these side effects and she has subsequently written books in relations to her findings.   I have purchased both books and I use them as reference books that I dig out from time to time, and revise, and implement into our lives.

I  purchased both books,  after my mother had a second heart attack and pacemaker fitted April 2015.  In 2012 mummy had her first heart attack and triple bypass.  So after, the second heart attack and pacemaker I wanted to get on top of all of this. 

I wanted to understand health, food and medication better to help improve her health and even mine. 

Both books are brilliant, Can be a bit of scary read, but if you are light and easy about it and implement a few small changes in your life you can notice the difference.

One think I really want to add about our health,  eat right and exercise right, it helps.  Make your own food from scratch, use the right oils.   With the heart you can get blocks from cholesterol and calcium.  We may be able to control all of these with diet and medication.  But, STRESS –  manage your stress the best you can.   Stress is a killer, and unexpected stress can knock you for sixDon’t take things to heart.    It is very easy to say and hard to do, especially when the tsunami  is from a loved one and is totally totally  unexpected – like no one would ever do that.  But, ugly things do happen.    So please manage your stress in your entire life.   Thoughts lead us to happiness or to sorrow, and  health issue later on in life.   Meditation is a good way to reduce stress.

Snippet From Drug Muggers

I am going to share a little bit from the drug muggers book here ,   but I really recommend that you buy the book, as I really can not capture everything  here.  Also, I am not medically trained in anyway.  All I know is after reading many bits of the book and implementing changes in our life, there has been some improvement for my mother and even me.  But, I would strongly suggest if you have many illness, that you really discuss  any changes in life style with your doctor, because you can over do vitamins and minerals.  And you may not be allowed to have certain vitamins – eg if you take Warfarin.

The lack of vitamins can result in symptoms like cramps, tiredness, dry cracked skin, muscle cramps, and how the body processes.    The book is so interesting and really useful.

So here is a snippet of some common Drug Muggers  (page 92  – Chapter The Punch List of Drug Muggers)

Antibiotics –  All –  rob you of – B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron , and beneficial bacteria.

Blood Pressure Medication –  Robs you of –  Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium

Diabetes Medications – Metformin  – Rob you off ,   CoQ10, B12, Folic Acid

Cholesterol Medications – Robs you off  –  Most minerals and B Vitamins

Laxatives  -Rob you off  –  Minerals

Suzy cover many many more medication – so I really would say the book is a very good reference book to invest in, if you or a loved one is on many medication.   Again, discuss it all with your doctor or pharmacist .  I am not medically trained ,  so buy the book and make your own decision.  

I provide a link to amazon or the book here : Drug Muggers – Suzy Cohen


To be transparent and honest, this blog post contains Amazon links for the books, and should you purchase these books, I get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.  This is not a sponsored post, I purchased these books myself.  

Important:   please discus any changes with your doctor or pharmacists.  It is possible to over dose on vitamins  so  please PLEASE be wise with your health and discuss it with some one who is medically trained.    I am not medically trained, but I only share this because it has made a difference in my mothers life and even for me, and I believe we should all be aware and Not totally rely on the medical profession to advice of  everything.   I have definitely noticed, if you go there with your question, then you will get the answers.

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I hope you found useful.  Do let me know in the comments below, as I have some other books that I have brought that help with health.

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