Thank you Word Press Followers

Dear  WordPress Friends (can I say family ),

As I sat down this evening to review comments and read the blogs I am following,  I found this unexpected comment :-


A big big thank you to all my WordPress supporters, followers, commentors and likers.     I didn’t even know WordPress does this.

I am so surprised and honored. This acknowledgment  becomes such a beautiful motivation to carry on blogging.   Most of you know I am relatively new to blogging and I do have my moments where I think- is this working out.


Kind regards Bella









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22 thoughts on “Thank you Word Press Followers

    1. Hi Monica, Many thanks. And thanks to you for your support – you are one of 100. I wasn’t expecting anything but it is a nice motivation. I would say me figuring out to use tweetdeck helped. see my Twitter – how to be social without killing yourself for a step by step.

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      1. Your welcome and yes I agree that is great motivation 🙂 I will check that page out as to I don’t have a twitter, and could use a few tips. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Jay, Thank you , and Thank you for being one of the 100, Thanks for your support.
      I had given up looking at numbers, in May I was all about numbers because I was trying to figure out how to make blogging 3 days week work. Clearly it didnt work and I blogging more that 3 days a week. I still havent found a happy medium. I think what has helped is… Tweetdeck. Read my article on twitter – how to be social with out killing yourself. Life is so much easier with tweet deck – but you have to put effort into it, but life is so much better with that tool – that all i can say. Thanks again for your support. Bella

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    1. Thank you, and thank you for your support, you are one of the 100. You are almost there.
      Read my article on Twitter – how to be social with out killing yourself. Tweetdeck – free – heaven sent. and then commenting on others blogs, and Jacquelines link and parties really help. Wishing you every luck. Also, I gave up thinking about number 3 week of May when I figured out blogging 3 times a week wont work. So I thinks a random combination of all these things – may be not caring too much about the numbers and just getting on with blogging and commenting .. who know I am not an expert.

      Thanks for your support

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