Thank you Word Press Followers

Dear  WordPress Friends (can I say family ),

As I sat down this evening to review comments and read the blogs I am following,  I found this unexpected comment :-


A big big thank you to all my WordPress supporters, followers, commentors and likers.     I didn’t even know WordPress does this.

I am so surprised and honored. This acknowledgment  becomes such a beautiful motivation to carry on blogging.   Most of you know I am relatively new to blogging and I do have my moments where I think- is this working out.


Kind regards Bella








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    • Thank you, and thank you for your support, you are one of the 100. You are almost there.
      Read my article on Twitter – how to be social with out killing yourself. Tweetdeck – free – heaven sent. and then commenting on others blogs, and Jacquelines link and parties really help. Wishing you every luck. Also, I gave up thinking about number 3 week of May when I figured out blogging 3 times a week wont work. So I thinks a random combination of all these things – may be not caring too much about the numbers and just getting on with blogging and commenting .. who know I am not an expert.

      Thanks for your support

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    • Hi Jay, Thank you , and Thank you for being one of the 100, Thanks for your support.
      I had given up looking at numbers, in May I was all about numbers because I was trying to figure out how to make blogging 3 days week work. Clearly it didnt work and I blogging more that 3 days a week. I still havent found a happy medium. I think what has helped is… Tweetdeck. Read my article on twitter – how to be social with out killing yourself. Life is so much easier with tweet deck – but you have to put effort into it, but life is so much better with that tool – that all i can say. Thanks again for your support. Bella

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    • Hi Monica, Many thanks. And thanks to you for your support – you are one of 100. I wasn’t expecting anything but it is a nice motivation. I would say me figuring out to use tweetdeck helped. see my Twitter – how to be social without killing yourself for a step by step.

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      • Your welcome and yes I agree that is great motivation 🙂 I will check that page out as to I don’t have a twitter, and could use a few tips. Thank you!

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  1. A very big Congratulations! It’s so exciting when you receive one of these ‘milestones’ from WordPress as it reminds you that you are travelling in the right direction – ‘forwards’.. not just standing still or going backwards.
    I hope things are going ok with your mum too… x

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    • Hi Wendy, Thank you for your support. Initially I was bit focused on number just to understand when to post stuff. Then, I just gave up looking at numbers. Mum is doing okay, no two days are the same. We have each other and we keep each other entertained. I think we where both knocked for six with the shock of brexit. So i haven’t felt like blogging at all. But having found tweetdeck – free service – oh well, what can I say. Read my post Twitter – how to be social without killing yourself. I can’t tell you how brilliant it is, but I still struggle to give time to blog, to comment, to social media – it is much harder than i thought.

      Thanks again, have a great day

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      • I can empathise with that feeling – it is much more time consuming than I realised. I read a blogger a few days ago who has set himself some new ‘boundaries’ and limits when he blogs and responds to a small number of hours.. I think this is possibly a good philosophy unless you are blogging as a ‘job’ because it can take you away from what you need to do. For you particularly I know it’s not easy – I looked after my mum for several years – I’m so glad I did as I have happy memories of this time together but it does limit time available for other things – particularly Social Media!! I hope you have a brilliant day too.. xx

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  2. congratulations Bella! I always think about how Chris Brogan, who is a very very popular marketer blogger, famously said once how it took him 3 years to get his first 100 subscribers. I’m only saying that because you said ” I do have my moments where I think- is this working out.” congrats again Bella, keep at it:) there’s more to come:))

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      • Hi Vincent, So sweet. It is impossible for any blogger to read every single post of all bloggers. When would you have write your own stuff, and we are all following loads of other bloggers – it is an unsustainable activity to read every blog and comment. I totally understand – cause I have had to make that call to. I can’t read every single blog of other bloggers. Especially, those that post several a day.

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      • that’s the problem with people who post more than once a day. no follower can read all those writings. in the end, those kinds of bloggers aren’t providing any value to the reader or themselves. Even Seth Godin said that’s why he stopped writing 5 posts a day because he realized it wasn’t helping anyone.

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    • HI there MyBookBlog204, Thank you for the congratulations etc. I would hardly say I am an expert blogger. All I have learnt is you need to post at least 6 times a week, you need to engage with other bloggers by liking and commenting and following their pages. Be mindful as you follow more the more reading you will need to do. It is good to be on twitter and instagram etc as they help bring readers to your blog.

      But I would not say I am an expert, and I would say I am a beginner and I am making loads of mistakes. So my resources to learn more about blogging is youtube. I am not an expert.

      Don’t under estimate the amount of effort blogging requires.
      Regards Bella

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