If you lose:- Health, Wealth or Character?

What have you lost if you lose health, wealth or character ?  Or all three?  Have you ever given this any thought?

If youloose2

The Analysis of each line.

If you lose your wealth – you have lost something   When we lose money, we will feel a pinch of some sort, but we can always get money back by working hard.

If you lose your health – you have lost a lot  When we lose health, we lose something.   We are not talking a common cold.  We are talking an illness.  After an illness  we never become 100% healthy.   We get better, but there is a change,  it might be a small change or a large change in our health.  Therefore, it has an impact on our life.

If you lose your character – you have lost everything.    Our character brings up when we fall.  If we lose money  and we have a character we can earn money again.  If we lose health, our character will compensate for it.   Character  is defined to be our behaviour,  our sincerity, our trustworthiness, our honesty,our integrity,  our morality,  our humanity, our compassion, our benevolence.  Loss of character means to be  greedy,  to be selfish, being unkind,  being ruthless, hurting others deliberately, manipulating , and  all those horrible personality traits.    When we lose our good character, we lose our own self respect and the respect of  others.  We become un-trustable and we create negative karmic account!


Live a life that makes you proud, that makes you wise, that makes you your own inspiration, your own role model.  Be the best.  So what if the world is becoming immoral or amoral or both!  So what! Make sure you are of good character.  Because karma doesn’t compare you to another, your karma is your karma to be enjoyed by you alone!

This is a saying by I don’t know who.  But My parents always said this to us when we were young.   Your character is your everything.     With your character you can rise from falling in terms of wealth and health.  But if you lose you character in doing a wrong deed then you have lost beyond words.   As most of you know I believe in Karma.   As you sow, so  Sow shall your reap.  Sow good -reap good.  

I would like to think I am of good character most of the time, well  I strive for it.  As Gandhi said,   Don’t be afraid to walk in the opposite direction of the crowd – if the crowd is walking in the wrong direction.  Always be one with a good character.

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16 thoughts on “If you lose:- Health, Wealth or Character?

  1. Another great post! It is very true that character is everything. There is a saying from where I come from that a good name is better than gold. I strive in my daily interactions to be of good cheer. I always believe that first impression matters alot so I want to leave that good image behind when I encounter people daily. Though one can never be at ones best all the time, but staying conscious and being aware of your attitude is very important. My integrity is at stake and I will never compromise it. Thanks Bella for another pointer that we should consider greatly. xx

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    1. HI Stella, So glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing – I like that, a good name is better than gold. When we strive we have more chance to achieve. Totally, never compromise – cause Karma is counting. Thanks always for your support and sooooo happy you enjoyed it. Good nite – 22.25 – I keep saying to myself be in bed by 22.00 – Take care Speak soon regards bella

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      1. My pleasure! I am happy to express my opinion on the post ‘cos it is a very vital aspect of existence. To understand that Character is everything. Remember that we all are in this to support one another as we evolve every day… 🙂 Now you have just reminded me to make my last post and hit my bed. Haha! We are one hour ahead of you. Wish I can sleep earlier than 12 midnight. Not possible ‘cos this is my time to visit blogs. Sleep tight Dearie and sweet dreams. 🙂

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      2. I to do my blogging at night ..but havent managed to wp schedule my post at the time i want… i am to go to bed at 10… but often its 12… but it is taking it toil on me.. so back to trying for 10. Ciao

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  2. Absolutely, I try to be a good person everyday and follow the morality I feel inside my heart. Even if it means I’ve faced difficult times or difficult people I know that in the end the good things that come to me come because of the good I have done and those that may have hurt me will face the consequences…one day :). Great post and very true, although with an illness I do believe some people get 100% better (depends on the illness I guess) 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kat, Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, illness is a one, and yes there probably are a few that you recover from 100%. But if you break something, it never quite heals perfect. I guess, I have seen mum with her heart issues, diabetes, asthma… I myself have illness – nothing huge, but it has a impact on my life at times. Be good and sow good and you have nothing to worry about in the future, cause your good karma will keep you safe.
      Thanks for comments. speak soon. Bella

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