The Power of Follow Through, Tenacity and approachability

business-1238121-639x697As I was leaving one work place, I ask for feedback on my work from three of my bosses/ customers.   They used the words like tenacity, follow through, friendly, likeable.    They expressed, that when I am given a task I don’t just do it for that meeting,   I do it until the right resolution (or whatever the outcome) is achieved.   Once I am given I task it will be followed through, they won’t have to chase or ask about progress.   I ask for assistance when I get stuck, but I always give it a go before asking for help.  The word tenacity was used by all three, I make it happen in an honesty and integrity in my special way.    I am liked by all I work with from colleagues to customers because I know my stuff   (or if I didn’t I would say I need to get back to you).

I am not singing my own praises, I just wanted to highlight my feedback to inspire you in your careers.

  • The boss, the customer have so much on their plates, they need people to just get on with it,  and someone who knows when to ask for help and keep the boss updated with progress or lack of progress.
  • Follow through is important, to complete the task all the way to the end.  Not just for that one meeting.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the boss,   I am having a bit of an issue here and this is want I want to try before I need you to step in and use your position.
  • You need to ask for help in a timely way, not when the item of work is due and there is no space to fix whatever needs to be fixed.
  • To be an easy employee, a no worry employee, make it happen employee, keep boss and customers up to date, to be friendly and approachable, and to know when to say I need help now (after trying to solve it yourself, to be an self-starter, to even take work without being asked, make you a great employee and you set yourself up for bigger and better things.
  • Always be aware of what is unsaid.
  • Also, you should not be scared to disagree with the boss or customer, just be diplomatic in the way you disagree. Sometimes, you are closer to the work and the boss and customer can’t see what you’re seeing.  Vice-a-Versa sometimes they know more that you.
  • There is nothing like experience and experience will come with time.     I would always keep a book of what I did right and what I did wrong and how to improve.  This helped me to get better and to be self-correcting.
  • Also, learn the diplomatic way of saying no to work and if you are getting pulled.
  • Be aware of your own strengths, weaknesses and your overused strengths.
  • Always be self-correcting, if the company offer self-development courses then take them.  Your soft skills, your friendliness and effectiveness are extremely powerful skill.  Technical skill for a job are must but soft skill add another layer of greatness to you.
  • On a final note,   you time management needs to be spot on.  Keep a diary and look at it.  Understand how long a task is going to take.  Never leave a task to the last minute, because an emergency will come up and you will not be able to give your best work to that task – sod’s law always applies.

I have read a few books on how to be a good at the job,  and attended courses through work to improve whatever needs improving.    We are always WIP  – Works in Progress and we will always be.   It is always nice to be learning and growing,  it helps you in your career and in your personal life.

The book I would like to recommend to you that I came across in 2009 that I totally love, and I think it is brilliant.   I wish I knew of it earlier in my career.  It is totally geared  for our careers and if you ever wonder where do HR get all the Skills etc that we need have to do a job, that we are marked on as part of year end review m- well here you go.

F.Y.I For Your Improvement  by Michael M Lombardo






Do you have any career advice to share?

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20 thoughts on “The Power of Follow Through, Tenacity and approachability

  1. great post! By being a doer and a go getter, it’s enchancing personal development and relationships both inside and outside of work. It’s also great to synchronise personal values with worth ethic so each can support and feed each other during that phase of life.

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  2. Thank you for these tips i can use, once my intern application is accepted. Do you mind to elaborate on the 6th point- aware of the unsaid. I didn’t really get that part. Thank you in advance bella

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    1. Hi Sara, I was reading your about page. Well, you started you blog way younger than me. I notice you are in Malaysia and finishing of your BSc. Unsaid – well it is noticing things in meeting or a discuss, that are said that carry on weight by anyone, but in fact actually may impact the work that is being taken on board. Knowing what is unsaid comes with experience and I would not expect an intern to have that experience. I would think after 2 years of full time work it will make sense. With unsaid, you need all the other elements of work experience with you otherwise you won’t be able to see unsaid. As your are student of psychology you may get it earlier. But, may not even be applicable in your career field. I feel terrible I am not answering your question, but unsaid is after you have worked full time for a few years – there is a think called on-the- Job-Training. There are things in life that are learnt whilst doing and not before – Does that make sense? Also, part of me wonder if there might be culture differences – I am in London and I have worked for very large national and international organisation and things can be different in different organisation. Also Malaysia may be a very different work place to London – I wonder if that make sense.

      here is another nice little book you might want to get. Personal Success – Paul Hayden. It is very small pocketbook and as some one starting out you might find it useful. These day students get better career help then I got – I am not that old, but I certainly am older than 21 – but it doesn’t make me wiser. I am still learning.

      hope it helps and sorry if it didnt


      1. Hello, thanks for your time answering my question and the book recommendation. I can’t say that I fully understand it ; as you say something are better to learn via experiences – but by your explanation, I am now more aware of what I should be expecting at a workplace. I am having a mix of anxiety and excite to start working. Some organization/company in Malaysia tend to expect freshies to have like 1-2 years work experience; when in fact it is a bit unrealistic

        Yes, I think there might be some cultural differences affecting workplace policies here and there – or maybe it’s just people mindset and norms that contribute to the differences.

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      2. Hi Sara, with the degree you have you will undrrstand people quickly so unsaid will make sense in few years time. My advice to you for your internship, it is anrw adventure, just go to enjoy and learn. Everything else will take care of itself. You are clearly intelligent so dont overthink stuff. Just enjoy and learn it will all fall into place. Be light and easy.

        best of luck. Bella


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