The Power of Journaling

We may not get the time to journal every day, but Sunday or Saturday are a good time to make some time for journaling. To journal is such a wonderful process it give you clarity and peace of mind. Try it. Here is how I currently journal.


Today, I thought  I would share  my journaling story.   I am sure everyone  journals in some way or form.   Anyway,  here is my crazy journaling style and of course I love it.  There is no right or wrong way to journal it is what works for you.  Whatever, you do  with your journal doesn’t matter. The power in journaling comes from figuring out what is bothering you, creating a resolution, a motivation and a determination to carry on.  Well, in my humble opinion this is the power of journaling.

For me the art of taking to pen to paper is what journaling and diary keeping is all about.  I find that when I write on paper, my thoughts become calmer and clearer.  I am able to understand what is going on inside of me.  What I need to work on, what I needs to change, and why I am feeling…

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