Grow Your Traffic with Keyword Research

To all Blogger a MUST read and understand. I have been meaning to understand this for ages, and this post is good introduction and detailed enough to assist in that process. So happy to have found it.

The Daily Post

Ranking well for the right search terms can mean the difference between hundreds of visits per month, and relative search-engine obscurity.

If you’re a dedicated blogger, you’ve probably spent hours thinking about future post topics. Even on a casual personal blog, it’s easy to lose yourself in figuring out what to write about next (hint: check out our Daily Prompts!).

Even after you’ve whittled down your ideas into a solid list of potential posts, you still need to think about how readers who share your interests will find you in search engines. While has excellent SEO built in, your content is still the top factor in how readers find you online. Today, let’s talk about a simple, no-frills approach to keyword research that can help boost your blog posts’ visibility.

Keyword Research? What’s that?

People looking for content use search engines in many different ways, and use a variety…

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12 thoughts on “Grow Your Traffic with Keyword Research

  1. That was a great tip but quite a long read. I have to return to it to get a better grasp of the whole deal. It sounds quite interesting though and a way to move the blog forward. Thanks Bella, for fishing out these boosters! Have a lovely day and keep smiling. Cheers! 🙂

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          1. Yeah, its crazy. I wake up early to post and do some scribblings at night. Then sort the photos I post… it’s sheer determination to push this passion. Overwhelming at other times and I just chill. Life is this way!!! Sorry about your mum but thank God you could support her at this time. Cheers my friend. Blessings to you!

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            1. Stella! wow you are amazing gosh. May be you can share you experience. I am looking for part time work, – oh man it is hard to find. Mum is better than a year ago, but the world has changed. Wow, you are amazing. I am not even working and I can’t handle it.

              Good day speak in the evening I am sure. Bella


  2. Great share. Key word and SEO is still something that I could do a bit of work on. I have found some of my blog posts attract much attention from search engines while the rest seem to disappear forever – the trick is to be able to duplicate that formula with everything I write!

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    1. Hey James, Your so on the ball with all this blogging stuff, I am still figuring it out. I read this and thought i better share. But, I need to study it and implement it. I need help every where when it comes to blogging – lol. But, this is great article – so happy Chris wrote it an I found it to share it.


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