Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ?

Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ?

Do we look forward to tomorrow?  Do we get stuck in the past?   Do we regret? Do we fear?  Do we worry?  Do we say, I will do it tomorrow? Do we succumb to procrastination, lazyness, fear, carelessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed?

With all of this , “do we …”, do we actually live in the present ?   Do we know what living in the present is?

Do we waste time, emotions,  our breath, cause our-self ill health by not living in the present?

Do we have a habit of thinking tomorrow is a new day, it will be alright tomorrow ?

So, ask yourself this, if tomorrow is a new day, then what is today? 

Surely, each second, each minute, each hour of today is NEW ?  Why are we waiting for tomorrow? 

There is a saying “NOW or NEVER!” –  ummm – what does that mean ?  Have we ever stopped to think or do we just say it as another autopilot statement.

Every second is an opportunity  to write a new brilliant story of your life.  Every thought is the vehicle to write this brilliant new story of your life.

Every second, every thought, feeling leads you to your destination.  Every second, thought, or feeling lead you to happiness or sorrow, or to a  feeling of lack, or to a feeling of contentment.

Every second, thought, feeling, action spent in being grateful will lead me to appreciate life, I will feel full and contented.    Every second, thought, feeling spent in a worth while way will create abundance in my life.

Every thought, second, feeling spent in the act of doing good, thinking good, being compassionate, being peaceful, will allow me to be generous to myself and others.  Will allow me to be magnanimous, stable, responsible and kind.

Every thought, second , feeling and action spent stuck in the past worry, or a future worry, or lazyness, leads me to a feeling of emptiness, sorrow, of lack, of guilt, of irritation,  of unhappiness.   A great today will lead to a great tomorrow.  Our subconsciousness understands when I am wasting the precious gift of this second, this minute, this hour , this day.  When I waste today, in worry, in regret, in being down and being lazy etc –  I lose all my emotional and physical well being.   I share with myself, others, the world a vibration of emptiness and no hope.

Conversely, every second spent positively, in action, in doing the mundane with interest, in moving towards a goal, in gratitude, in appreciating what you have, and not wasting every second – leads to me sharing a vibration of hope, faith, of fullness, of capacity , of newness, of gratitude, of united-ness ,  of all things positive with the world .  I become the change that I want to see in the world.

Dreaming of tomorrow – means I am wasting today, the GIFT of today.

Yesterday brought me today.  Today leads me to my tomorrow.   Treasure today, don’t waste a valuable second of today.

Learn from the past and move one.  Even what happened two minutes ago, should be considered as the past,   it should be forgotten and one should move on.  Learn what you need to learn and move on.

Who knows what tomorrow holds. Who knows if all the worrying about tomorrow will make tomorrow better.  I think we all know that what we worry about in regards to tomorrow hardly every comes true.

So, don’t waste today on tomorrow or the past.  Get into action, get doing, get living, get into the action of being good, being positive, being motivated. 

Today makes tomorrow – don’t waste it.

Who know what tomorrow brings, it only takes a second for life to be great or not so great.

Today, I woke up and today is what I have.  Who knows what tomorrow holds.  I don’t know if tomorrow will allow me to actualize my plans, tomorrow may hold something I don’t expect.   If you need to be forgiving, forgetting, letting go, saying sorry etc –  do it today not tomorrow – or regret it forever.  When I defer to tomorrow – I seriously put a weight on my soul that makes life extremely hard.

So, enjoy every second of today, write your story today, use every second in a worthwhile way.  Today is GIFT, cherish it and use it wisely.   Write your story today.  IF NOT NOW THEN NEVER.   

Stop saving it all for tomorrow, because TODAY is the new day, the new second, the new the new  hour, the new day.   Today comes before Tomorrow.   Waste NOT WANT NOT.   NOW or NEVER.  

Be wise , be smart, be happy, be contented, be peaceful,  be mindful, be grateful, be awake, be enthusiastic, be true, be alive, 




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36 thoughts on “Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ?

  1. So true. I constantly strive to bring my attention to the present by utilizing advice I read somewhere, and that is, whenever I’m worrying about the future or dwelling on an unpleasant past event, to ask myself, “But am I feeling alright now?” And usually right there in the present moment, everything is actually fine, so I try to just enjoy that. It’s not always easy, but becoming aware is always the biggest step.

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