Humility makes me simple and truthful. The more humility I have the greater will be my understanding of the truth.  I will see, hear, all that is unsaid.  By being humble I am sincere and simple and there is a clarity in that, that allows me to understand the truth of the world, the greater good, the supreme, to other that stand opposite me.

Let me make sure that I do not allow my mind to be invaded by external circumstances.

Values create quality in our lives and relationships, giving dignity to our existence.

We have the habit of looking outside of the self to satisfy our inner need.

Such outwardly  satisfaction is only temporary.

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Inspired by the teaching of the Brahma Kumaris

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  1. I abide by this, but not many people seem to appreciate this quality. People tend to be too superficial and egotistical to practice humilty. I’m really glad to have met you here, we share the same thoughts ^.^ – Michelle

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    • Hi Michelle, I agree with your feeling here. I always try to be the best, regardless of the rest. Not saying I am brilliant. But I am not afraid to stand alone when I am doing the right thing.

      Glad you enjoyed this post.
      You guys have a great blog – extremely deep.
      Regards Bella

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  2. Good Morning James, Thanks. I am glad you like it. Yes agree. I think so much can be achieved with Humility, too many people misunderstand it and think us humble ones are softie – there is so much assertiveness in being humble. What the point of being a bull in a china shop every moment of the day – too many ego’s in the world. I love being humble.

    Thanks for liking my tweet. Are you trying tweetdeck ? I am so in love with it. I am a bit rubbish with the whole #hasttag stuff, i forget to do it on twitter, on insta, on by blog. I just don’t quite get it. But I love tweetdeck – oh it is brillinag.

    Have a great day – speak soon


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