Brian Tracy – Good Work Habits

Learn about Focus and Concentration – how to have good work habits.  How to know how much effort to put into a task.

Have a great week on what every your career is.

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Announcement 20th July 2016.   to all my dear followers, liker and commentators.  After not working for 2 year plus, I have landed a part time job for the company I used to work for full time.  Whilst settling into my job and the deadline  that I am walking into, this will mean that I might not be able to blog on as frequently as I have been.    I will do my best to return to a schedule of blogging as frequently as I can.   If you are new (or a regular) to my blog, you can always look at my archive of blogs.  Thank you for understanding.

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  1. That’s fantastic news – very well done and I wish you much success!!! I look forward to keeping in touch whenever you have the time and completely understand the importance of changing priority for now.. Good luck xx

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    • Oh Wendy, you are so sweet. I miss you all already, I can’t read everyone’s blog – they needed me in asap, and we had to get through screening back ground screening etc – super fast.. oh I think we turned this around from last thursday evening and I officially start tomorrow. Had an unofficial start today. Thankfully, it is people I know and have already proved myself with. I had been looking for a part time job for ages, but never thought to ask them. Mum kept saying – ask them. and here we go from gear 1 to gear 10. But, it is part time and that means I can still support mum . It is going to be a test all round …

      Hang in there, and you never know – I might surprise you and my self… but in-case I don’t.

      let see how we go.

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      • Life can change so quickly. Make the most of this opportunity and I really genuinely hope it works out really well for you whilst enabling you to continue supporting your mum. You have an exciting challenge and with your positive outlook on life, you will be an asset to your employers! Well done, good luck and I hope to speak to you occasionally in the future at some point…. xx

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  2. Congratulations on finding a job. I have found it a struggle to blog with my job, but I soon established a routine of when to do it! And thanks for the vid, agree about the focusing on reaching the goal for success.

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    • Hi James, Thank you so much. I grateful to have a job where I use to work, and most of the same faces are there. To have a part time job where I once worked full time plus some. To have got something after 2 years of not working, firstly I took 6 months off but then my mother had a second heart attack and pacemaker. I only started to blog about over a year after mum had the pacemaker – mum is better – not ” it is a new Normal ! a much slower new normal” today was the first offical day back and they had to rush me because the person who is retiring after 9 year of working at the company leaves next thursday – ahhhh shock * 100… Then in london and the tube in this heat. but how luck am I … I just didnt bother asking the old company for part time cause it like why would they, I asked them for references – but mum said ask them . so I did , and with in less than two weeks I am in , with all back ground screening done.

      Hopefully in a few weeks I will find a routine to blog again – i have really fallen in love with blogging and chatting with bloggers and we are such a wonderful blogging community.

      Let us see.


  3. that’s great! I wish you luck with that, I will miss our conversations however:) now I’m gonna watch the video, I love brian tracy

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