B – Find Beauty in being Balanced in all areas of you life

AAppreciate and be grateful for what you have and the opportunity given

L –  Lead by example, always be happy and positive.

A – Let your attitude be flexible, forgiving, merciful to yourself and others.  Be patient with yourself.

NNurture yourself with food and good thoughts.  If you feel overwhelmed say it will be okay and believe it will be okay.

CCheerful,  no matter the turmoil inside.  Be positive and cheerful outwardly and you will feel it inwardly.

EEnthusiastic – even if you feel like you are drowning.  Say to yourself “You can do it!”. Affirm yourself into success.

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7 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Balance! so important! people typically put too much weight on certain aspect of their life not leaving enough room for other aspects such as hobbies, friends, romantic relationships, “me time”, etc. life is all about balance. hopefully what you love to do during your spare time intersects with what you do for a living. in that sense, balance is about intersection not separation.

    Leading by example is also very important. a lot of parents have trouble with this when dealing with their kids. they may tell their kids to do something but they themselves haven’t done the thing they’re telling their kids to do so as a result parents struggle with this idea of leading by example.

    optimism, very important as well. nice one bella

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    1. Thanks vincent. Many years ago i read that we should create a box with 9 boxes and in the boxes put areas of your life and try and achieve a goal in each box every day..but week is more realistic..

      balance is so important.. full life in all areas of life…. cu bella

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      1. that’s an interesting idea. I love practical/applicable ideas. it gives us a call to action that we can take to actually improve our lives.9 boxes? that’s a lot, still very interesting though


      2. Yeah 9 box sq, it is a typical thing in Learning and development circles. I did try to fill out 9 areas of my life overall, it was a bit of a stretch after 7 , but when i did the exercise it was very very very useful, and it creates balance in your life, and makes one aware when we get side tracked on one area of life. Bella

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      3. Oh man, I did it ages ago – some are a bit personal so wont share. Personal Development -Career, Personal development -Spiritual, Family time, home – Clean, Better cook, Balance in life (meaning money is not everything, career is not everything, socialising is no everything). improve a language skill, Read more, manage my negativity etc… Face my fears, me time


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