I awake with a broken heart.

I sit,  I awake with a broken heart.

We sit here innocent, but we are the guilty party in your eyes.

You ears are filled with one side and that one side always lies, manipulates.

That side has multiple faces and never does that party show you the face that they show us.  We are guilty in your eyes, but  we are innocent we haven’t done anything as bad as you think.

What do we do with this feeling, that never goes away.

That resurfaces every now and again , but never goes away.

Broken heart-ed, hard to carry on.   If we where to sit an explain, we know you wont understand for you are blinded by their lie.  What do we do with this.    The lies you have heard are twisted.  We got hurt, we reacted but you don’t understand.   24/7 you are reminded that we are at fault.

What is there left.

We keep on forgiving, forgetting and letting go.  But, the weirdness of this world is that those who do wrong are seen as right and those who haven’t done anything are wrong.

What do we do with this hurt.

Well, we can’t carry on living like this.

Hard and painful, and heart breaking as it is, we have to accept that there is a mis-understanding that will never be cleared because you are blinded by the lies.  And because we reacted with hurt, and you have  a misunderstanding of us, we are the ones to be blamed.

We let go, we forgive.   We struggle to mend our broken hearts.

But, we have to find some sort of happiness and not let this be the prominent thought in our minds.    I accept the situation.  I hope one day clarity is given to you.   I let go.   I make myself free, I make myself independent.    I take the hand of the supreme, I walk in his light.  I forgive myself and you and the situation.  I let go.   I let go so at least I am free from the negative bondage so I can be free and you can be free.  I accept I have to repeat this process again and again until the day comes, that I don’t awake with a broken heart, the what ever words are shared by you don’t hurt anymore.    For I don’t know how in this world the innocent are at fault.

I let go , I forgive, I move on.   I wish you the best.   I want to be happy.

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18 thoughts on “I awake with a broken heart.

  1. Thanks for this transparent post. Forgiving is definitely not an easy task for me. I usually tend to let things fester and hold grudges. But thanks for reminding me that forgiving isn’t just for them, it’s for me too.

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    1. Hi , thanks for the beautiful comment. You are so right, we all struggle and we all need to be reminded. Negativity not only damages our mind, thoughts, feeling but has an impact on our health. So may reason to let go. And in another post I did on forgiveness – someone reminded me that you dont have to forgive in person, – just by letting go in your heart you set yourself free and the other free. Life becomes easier. Lots of love Bella

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