The 10 Laws of Trust – Joel Peterson


I was thinking of a post that wrote on Thursday I awake with a broken heart. and the comments I got on.   I was thinking of another post I wrote on forgiveness  (Forgiveness -Why Forgive?) and why it is so important.

I was also thinking that when we get hurt deeply, it is so important to forgive, let go and move on. Because if we don’t we create a karmic account and we get stuck.   I was flicking through YouTube as I regularly do and I came across this interesting interview with Joel Peterson and Google NYC.    I think this will help us heal our broken hearts as best as we can, or at least inspire.  Though, this related to business there is an huge amount  shared about our personal lives.    So,  I really hope that you enjoy this and it inspires you.  He talks about betrayal…

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