Big Lessons to Win at Life – Robin Sharma

Dear Friends, Be  inspired by this Youtube video by Robin Sharma.   I really agree with this.     Doing the mundane beautifully, doing small things well really makes the biggest difference in your day and in your life.  I really feel like.   You can become so happy  by doing little things well every single day of your life.     He also covers a lot of other extremely useful – like do not get  arrogant with your success,  ask for what you want….   Enjoy!


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  1. show me what you do every day, and i’ll show you who you’ll become. I agree we are what we repeatedly do and that success lies in our daily routine. loved the video, rule number one is important and how it’s all about small wins. this is the first video I have watched of Robin Sharma. I’ve heard of him and read his books, but never seen a video so thank you Bella:) nice share

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    • Hi Vincent, so glad you enjoyed. When I was working full time 5 days a week, almost 24/5 I didn’t have the time to social media only in the last 8 months have I learnt about the gold mine of Youtube – Robin Sharma, Brian Tracey and many others Short video that pack a punch – just brilliant.

      Speak soon Bella


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