There is Happiness in the Company of the Divine

Why Walk alone When you have company of the Divine?

To the lord/the divine/the supreme I give you my burdens to carry.

I give to you my heart so that you may guide me and teach me to remain happy in all that I have, and in that I have your love and constant companionship and friendship.

For when I walk in your hand and with your teaching, I  am never alone and always happy.

For when I remember you , you are then able to touch me and inspire me to make the right choices in my life.

The boat of my life is being beautifully navigated by my father, my guide, my friend,  my guru, my strength. 

For when I have you – why should I walk alone.    For when I walk alone, I stubble and fall and do all that is not right for myself or others.  You teach us grace, peace, purity , compassion for we all one human world family – sisters and brother of you our father.

I include a few meditation and a songs


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This post is inspired by my practice of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris

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