Silence ,Contentment, Peace, Balance

Where there is silence there is contentment

Where there is silence there is peace

Where there is silence there is balance

Silence is a state of mind, of thought ,of word, of action.

When we are silent we become strong and resilient

How do we become silent and build our stock of silence ?

When we learn to accept it all, as it is.

When I learn that I can only change myself.

When I learn I can’t change another.

When I learn the world is a drama, a play and each one is playing their part in this kingdom.

In a Kingdom not all can be Kings,Queens, Princes and Princesses, there is a need for subjects at all levels.

When I learn to accept all are unique and that they are playing their part accurately.

When I learn to accept their part, my part and learn to focus on myself and make myself a better person, then I am playing part my well.  Then,  there is contentment, and silence, which leads to an automatic balance and strength in life.

I need to put the full stop of :-there is benefit in everything , and I need to learn to see benefit in everything.

I need to learn to sit in silence, walk in silence, work in silence , talk in silence!   How silent are you inside?

When I change the world changes!

Silence is an inner power, which we can be developed and made into a  new habit.    Through practice and repetition we can become silent powerhouses and we can develop such a stock of silence that we can share with ourselves and the world.

In silence I will always be content, for I have found the truth of living , communicating, and being true to my original nature of silence.

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Be the change you want to see in the world  -Gandhi

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