Questions, Questions – What is Life’s? What is lifes Purpose?

What is the purpose of life?

Why are we born?

Why do we die?

Do we really only have one life and that is it?

Then, if we only have one life then whats the point ?   Then, why are people born poor, or with ill health?   What about those who remember their past births ?

Why , What, When, Where?

Do we every stop and ask questions?    What is your life purpose ?    Why do we exist?

Really is it one life and nothing else ?

Does a tomatoe plant grow into  a mango tree?

Are we really related to monkeys – really ?   Is a tomatoe a mango?

Why is there the sun , the moon , the stars ,  water, river ,oceans?

Why are there animals, plants?

Why is there all of this ?

What is Karma and what does it do ?

Are we more than this one birth?

Are we spirits? Are we souls?   If so where do we live in this body ?

When the body dies, does the soul die?

Or is the soul immortal ?

Is the soul the seed of  the human experience ?

Is it the soul that hold our character ? our mind, our  intellect?
Is is the soul having  human experiences.

A tomotoe seed doesn’t grow into a mango!  Therefore a human soul (seed) can never be anything but a human!  (in my strong humble opinion).

What is the purpose of life?

Why are some so rich and others so poor ?   Really, What is karma?  Really, do we completely stop existing when we die ? But then why is the world population so large – that we don’t have enough food or resources ?

Why is the world in the state it is ?

Why do we run to be in the company of someone rich and famous ?  Why – is their famous-ness (is that a word) going rub of on me?  Is their money going to transfer to my bank account?

What is ethics,  what is moral, what is  integrity ? What is character?

Who am I? What am I? Where do I live ?

Why people Poor?

Why are people so Rich ?

What is greed?  What is fear?  Is there a connection ?

What is life for ?Why is there such ill health ?   Have we lost our divine characteristic of the soul ?  Have we fallen?Have we forgotten the meaning of life ?Do we know who we are ? ………

Thank you for stopping by.     Please Like , Comment, Share, or Subscribe.    I would love to know your questions and/or answers to the above questions – please do comment below.    I would also like to know if you would like me write a post on any specific topic.

Obviously,  I will in  my coming post answer some of the above questions, because clearly I have a few thoughts on these topics.   Would love to hear your input on the above.

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67 thoughts on “Questions, Questions – What is Life’s? What is lifes Purpose?

  1. I have been continuously asking myself these questions for awhile now but then I realized I shouldn’t be dwelling on questions that I can’t answer nor can anyone else.

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    1. I think answers exist and it depends on perspective. Type in soul in my search box and read what comes..also read on karma. One should never ask to many questions repeated ..but one should question and search for answer that reasonate… because i believe there are answers .. also type in unique and see what you get. I believe we are souls and we are immortal.. i believe in karma. And i believe the divine is everyones father and we are one global family. But thats my perspective and a belief is what your heart says yes this makes sense. Also see what i wrote on meditation .. you may find something or may be not.. life is a journey what i dont understand today i will understand later as i keep searching and reading

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  2. Its better to keep some questions not answered . If we have answers for everything then life won’t be intresting as it’s now.
    Everybody’s asking the same questions eventhough some tried to answer them, it only took those questions into a whole new level.

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    1. Interesting view point. Questions going to a whole new level could be positive. I feel questions should be asked and try to find answers other wise status quo will remain and human being instead of improving …just go with status quo and live in anyway that is not good for them or others. Like karma the word is used like eating sweets…but it meaning is not understood because oh we only live once ..or next birth we become a dog…and the world spirals out control and other humans treat others badly. I have talked about quite a few of these points in other post. Very nice to read your thoughts and many thank for visiting. Always good to discuss . Wishing you a happy new year.


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