Questions, Questions – What is Life’s? What is lifes Purpose?

What is the purpose of life?

Why are we born?

Why do we die?

Do we really only have one life and that is it?

Then, if we only have one life then whats the point ?   Then, why are people born poor, or with ill health?   What about those who remember their past births ?

Why , What, When, Where?

Do we every stop and ask questions?    What is your life purpose ?    Why do we exist?

Really is it one life and nothing else ?

Does a tomatoe plant grow into  a mango tree?

Are we really related to monkeys – really ?   Is a tomatoe a mango?

Why is there the sun , the moon , the stars ,  water, river ,oceans?

Why are there animals, plants?

Why is there all of this ?

What is Karma and what does it do ?

Are we more than this one birth?

Are we spirits? Are we souls?   If so where do we live in this body ?

When the body dies, does the soul die?

Or is the soul immortal ?

Is the soul the seed of  the human experience ?

Is it the soul that hold our character ? our mind, our  intellect?
Is is the soul having  human experiences.

A tomotoe seed doesn’t grow into a mango!  Therefore a human soul (seed) can never be anything but a human!  (in my strong humble opinion).

What is the purpose of life?

Why are some so rich and others so poor ?   Really, What is karma?  Really, do we completely stop existing when we die ? But then why is the world population so large – that we don’t have enough food or resources ?

Why is the world in the state it is ?

Why do we run to be in the company of someone rich and famous ?  Why – is their famous-ness (is that a word) going rub of on me?  Is their money going to transfer to my bank account?

What is ethics,  what is moral, what is  integrity ? What is character?

Who am I? What am I? Where do I live ?

Why people Poor?

Why are people so Rich ?

What is greed?  What is fear?  Is there a connection ?

What is life for ?Why is there such ill health ?   Have we lost our divine characteristic of the soul ?  Have we fallen?Have we forgotten the meaning of life ?Do we know who we are ? ………

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Obviously,  I will in  my coming post answer some of the above questions, because clearly I have a few thoughts on these topics.   Would love to hear your input on the above.

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68 thoughts on “Questions, Questions – What is Life’s? What is lifes Purpose?

  1. Great questions that requires soul searching. We are here to live, love and make a difference in our world. Mostly i go by the principle of the Bible…that i am not a mistake…that i live to please my father in heaven by living in His love and sharing this love with others. Nice to make your acquaintance…i dropped by from Jackie’s meet and great party.

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    1. Thank you for popping by ,reading, and commenting on this post, lovely to have you. I love your thoughts and your sharing. We are not mistakes – most definitely.
      Thank you for popping by and nice to make your acquaintance too. Speak soon. Regards Bella


  2. Wow, those are a lot of questions, and most of them I have pondered during my life. I guess the only answers any of us can give are our own beliefs — nothing can be proven, and there are others who will totally disagree. Having said that, my own belief is that reincarnation seems to make sense, even though my own religion discounts reincarnation; however, I am the kind of person who forms my own beliefs, and if something makes sense to me, then it makes sense!

    But if there is no such thing as reincarnation, at the very least my personal belief is that before we are born, while we are still in spirit, we choose our life’s main purpose (and secondary ones) and the lessons we want to learn, the souls we will go through life with, the things we want/need to experience, etc. Of course, there are many roads we can take to get to our goals as we actually live our lives on earth. Sometimes we will fulfill our planned purpose, and maybe sometimes we won’t. But I don’t think that people are just randomly made to be born poor, sick, deformed, or victims of terrible abuse. That makes no sense. Thus, reincarnation or a soul’s deliberate choice to experience these things because of the soul growth it will give them, makes sense to me.

    But those are only my own personal beliefs. I can offer no proof that this is the way things really are.

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    1. Hi Gloria, Firstly love your new hairstyle. Thank you for your wonderful and comprehensive comment – love it. I agree with you on reincarnation, and why would any soul want to be poor or deformed etc. I think Karma has a lot to with being poor, deformed etc. Obviously Karma is not all negative. I think karma is there to balance us and rebirth is there to help us improve, i believe the soul is immortal. Anyway – I hope to in the weeks to come to have a go at answering these question from my view point and it will be so great to get your input.

      I really enjoyed reading your comment so much food for thought.
      I hope you are well, lovely to speak to you again
      Regards Bella

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      1. Thanks, Bella! Food for thought: It seems unbelievable that people would actually CHOOSE to be born into certain situations, but when seen from the soul viewpoint before we are born, it might bring us so much growth and merit that we would be courageous enough to want to experience something so difficult. When we are in spirit, we realize that human life is just a blink in eternity, so it might seem we can endure anything for such a relatively short time. Of course once we are in a mortal body, it’s a different story! 🙂

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  3. loved all the questions! got me thinking. I feel that the question “what is the purpose of life?” is a little egocentric. often times, we never ask what is the purpose of our dogs life. but we always ask what is the purpose of humans life. Maybe there is no purpose. I say we should just all strive to live and work towards what makes up happy. just my thoughts. loved all the questions again:) nice to be commenting on your posts again:)

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    1. Hi Vincent, Yes long time no speak. Yes one could say the question on the purpose of life is egocentric, but I did also ask the question about plants and animals. I think what is the purpose of life – I think we humans have lost the plot – that’s why I ask the question what is the purpose of life – for us to stop and think, wider than ourselves. It is like J K Roweling has lost her place off the rich list, because she donated so much to charity – which I think is brilliant. so what the purpose of life – to gain only for yourself or to share your wealth and personality with the world… Well I do plan to give some answers to these question – the bella view point of course in the weeks and months to come.

      So nice to speak to you again and have your comments
      Regrds Bella

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      1. I agree with your mindset in that the purpose of life is to take a step outside of yourself. In a way, it’s acknowledging that our lives aren’t simply our own. Depending on our religiousity and spirituality, some may attribute their purpose towards serving a higher power. And in serving that higher power, they’re serving humanity. So they go hand in hand. What are your thoughts on this?

        I recently just wrote a blog post titled ‘What is Life’ and I would really appreciate your input. Thanks for sharing your questions and stimulating my mind.

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      2. Yes it is a perspective thing. And even to be open to question these things is a big step away from just living to actually engaging in life and really living to our full potential and not just lazy living as i call it. Thank you so much for visiting , reading, commenting. How did you find my blog and this post. I am new to blogging and still find what works. Thanks for visiting again


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