Change and Acceptance

Change and Acceptance

Change and Acceptance  vs Happiness or Saddness

Be the change you want to see in the World  – Gandhi

Learn to accept that which you can not change.

Understand that you can only change yourself and not another.

In the same way we forgive another – that is, so we can move on with our life.  Then in the same way I must accept the other as they are , so I can move on with my life.   I can only change myself and not another.

If you want to be happy, and you think you are intelligent, quit fighting acceptance.  No matter how terrible they are accept them – just so that you can get on with your life.  Otherwise,  you will be miserable all the time, and you will be negative all the time and you will increase your karmic account with them.

Let the go, accept and move on.

The say the grass is greener on the other side.  Or is the grass greener where you water it.  So, what are you watering.  Let us get busy watering our grass , and let us just become the best version of us that there is no time to look at the madness of others.   Wish them well and never wish anyone ill – for it will come back to you and it is not good karma.   But get on changing yourself and  the rest will follow.

Yes, easier said than done.  But – hey it is not impossible to do either.  Habits are something we create.  Dislike is a habit.   And our lovely ego can be really good at supporting negative habits.  The choice is ours,  Change and Be happy,  or Don’t accept them and be Sad.      Harsh I know, but we can achieve a lot if want to, and it is just a decision a choice of ours.

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