I the Soul am A Point of Immortal Light

I am a soul,

I am a point of light,

I am a spiritual being,

I am energy,

I am immortal,

I am peace

I am love,

I am purity,

I am wisdom,

I am joy,

My original qualities are  Purity, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Peace

I am tiny point of light

I think, I decide, I have a personality – I express.

I am the driver of this car – this human body

I sit in command center of the human body, near the brain, near the thalamus, hypothalmus, pituitary and pineal glands.  From here I drive this body.

As with a Car,  the car will not move with out a driver.   Therefore,  A body will not move without a Soul.

I have this body to express my virtues of peace, love, purity, joy, wisdom, compassion, etc.

But some where along the line after the birth, rebirth and death cycle I have forgotten who I am,  and I have gained Algae (anger, lust, attachment, greed and ego).      Like a layer of algae on a pond,  I the diamond -the soul whose original qualities are peace, love,purity , wisdom and joy are hidden almost invisible by this algae that is covering me.  When I try to be peaceful I am angry. etc.

Through meditation and clear understanding of who I am, I am able to reconnect with myself as the true diamond, the soul, the point of light, the immortal one , the driver of this body.  For when I refer to the body – I say – “MY BODY” not “I Body”!!

I the Soul drive this body,  I am not this body.  This is just a costume for me to use to act and show my personality – my divine personality.      This earth is where I play, but this is not my home.   My home is where my divine father resides.  I the soul and a seed of goodness.

A few thoughts in response to my post  on Questions, Questions – What is Life’s? What is lifes Purpose?  I plan to answer or attempt to put my view point on the questions I posed in the “questions” blog  over the next few weeks and months.  Would be lovely to know your thoughts on this  both blog post.  Sorry, if this post is a bit out there,  however, I do hope it is acceptable or provides you with food for thought?

A beautiful song – about I the Soul.  OM Shanti   Om – I am a Soul,  Shanti – Peace.  Om Shanti –  I am a peaceful Soul

These thoughts are inspired by Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris – a world wide charity teaching Meditation , Values and Positive thinking.  All talks and courses are free.

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31 thoughts on “I the Soul am A Point of Immortal Light

    1. Thank you Gloria, for reading and commenting. Yes ALGAE is a great one we used at the Brahma Kumaris. It is a great visual to , we know how horrible algae is – so knowng the vices, sins, the horrible bits of our character are algae make it easier to change. Regards Bella

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