Believe In Yourself!

When you believe in yourself with your full heart, then success is guaranteed.

There is no doubt success will come, it will come in time.

It will come in all aspects of your life.

For we want to be successful in all parts of  our life , even the mundane chores.

Then we are truly successful.  Well, that’s my definition of success.

Obviously, you have to go out and work at it.   A belief in success, creates motivation, sends out to the universe your desire (aka the law of attraction -LOA) However, you have to get yourself in action.   

For me success in life is not just at work or school.  It is in all aspects of life.   I love the term ‘all rounder’.   I have always tired to be an all rounder.   To me all rounder means, I am good at keep a good house,  good at cooking, maintaining the garden,  kitchen pantry and bathroom pantries are all stocked.  I keep a good diary and meet all appointments.   I am good at work, I am nice to all people the ones I know and the ones I don’t.  I offer a smile to strangers, even a kind word if applicableI do the right thing always. I am independent but interdependent.  I have time to read, to meditate, to take care of my loved ones who need my support.    I keep a clean heart and I am always humble to all.   I never let me heart get bitter with all the rubbish in life.  My life is not dependent on the praise of others – for if you want  praise then defamation is not far away.

Success is making an art of the mundane and success is in the small things as well as the big things.

I have written previously about success and that everyone is successful in their own right,  because we are all unique and success is different for all.

But, the biggest key to success in life is the vision, the belief of what that success looks like, feels like.   Then, it is about getting out and making it happen. Put the effort in, be patient,  keep motivated and determined, and keep on keeping on.   Make sure you write what is you want to be successful as – aka your goals.    And just keep on keeping on.   Be your own coach.    Use journalling, gratitude and affirmations to get yo where you need to be and keep doing.  With out action there is no success.  Don’t think success will come to you without any effort on your part.

Final thought, everything that annoys you about life and people are great motivators if you want them to be.   They are motivators of what you don’t want your life to look like.

Belief, Action, Journaling , LOA,  Patience – Repeat, Repeat ,Repeat !

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There is  an awesome power in believing in yourself, not in a stubborn ego maniac way, or bossy way.   A quiet belief in your capacity to make your goals happen, becomes a quiet driving force in your life, followed by weekly or daily reminders then success is guaranteed. But, Patience is required as they say Rome was not built in a day.   I say from experience the belief breeds success.   I repeat be successful in the small things and you will be success in the big things, because you will always be known as the nice one that gives a smile always and speaks nicely, and is rarely in a mood.   Well, of course I have moods but the mood is brushed aside in public – I try to be fully engaged and happy (no it is not faking it either – because when you smile even in a bad mood you eventually truly smile).   I can’t tell you the power of that interaction, the beauty of that interaction – you make another persons day by being kind, interactive, smiling and engaging.  To make some ones day could be the hope they need in humanity.  It will definitely be your good deed for the day.  We humans are not lone islands, interaction and giving is keep to a happy society/world.

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Be the change you want to see in the world.  – Gandhi

Thursday 1st Sept 2016




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