Regret, Repent, Karma ?

If it was your last day on earth, in this body would you regret or repent anything?

If it was your last day – what would your regret and/or repent? 

As most of you know I believe we are spiritual being – Souls to be exact.

The soul is immortal, indestructible.   Our original qualities are love, peace, purity, wisdom and joy.   

The Soul is an entity in its own right. The Soul needs a body to speak and show its personality.

We the soul takes birth – rebirth as a human being. Rebirth takes place when one body becomes old or worn out.  A human soul will always take birth as a human being, no other species.

We come on to this earth to express ourselves. 

But we forget we are souls and then we get lost in body consciousness and we forget that I am a soul, not this body.   And with that understanding of this is my body and losing sight of who I am,  I begin to become fearful, selfish, irritated, greedy,  angry, etc etc.  In doing this I create negative karma.  


As we all know karma means “as you sow – so Regret, Repent, Karma ? that leads you to be happy or sad, rich or poor.  

Now, it is no all bad news – in fact, the understanding of Karma is great – because I know understand I have to do good to get good.  

How do I deal with my past bad karma’sAnswer: I need to do a lot of charitable acts, stop being angry, greedy, and selfish etc.   Connecting with The Divine and let the ocean of love, peace, knowledge, the comforter of hearts comfort your heart and guide you. With his guidance, you and he will steer your ship in the right way.  The best way to connect with The Divine is through meditation.

So back to the question, what do you regret and repent? 

Make that your to-do list of all things that you now want to start doing positive acts, having positive thoughts on, to stop holding on to hate, revenge, and anger.

Let it all go in your to do list, and you will save yourself from reaping the fruit of bad karma. You will save yourself from health problems and mental diseases.

Take time to sit with God and discuss your points of regret and repent, and promise to yourself that you learn and won’t repeat these mistakes again.

Parting thought

Final thought,  did you know a regret or feeling of repentance is a reminder a play back. But, this isn’t something one needs to feel bad about, this play back is a reminder and an opportunity to change. One needs to recognise the sign and take it as an opportunity to change and not repeat the mistake. Basically, this is a chance to break the chain of negativity, and replace with positivity.

Even your thoughts create a positive or negative karmic account. So always be positive, kind and , charitable in all that you do. Life is about being your best self, and always improving on what you were yesterday. You are only in competition with yourself no one else. Improve on yourself, return to the original character of you the Soul. That is, of peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy. Our true nature is beautiful, nothing negative should be in us. If we remain good we have nothing to repent or regret.

I hope this post gave you some food for thought. Let me know if you have any thoughts in comments below. Do like, share, subscribe, comment

Thank you by popping by.

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13 thoughts on “Regret, Repent, Karma ?

  1. “So back to the question, what do you regret and repent. Make that your to do list and start doing positive acts, having positive thoughts, don’t hold on to hate, revenge, anger….” This is wise advice, no matter what one’s beliefs are. I make it a practice to ask myself these questions on a regular basis. It’s a good way to stay in touch with what is most important in life and what we truly wish to achieve.

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  2. I loved this article Bella, I especially love your list ideas. I’m glad you touched on the point on how are thoughts also are powerful. After watching So many Dr.Dyer videos I finally got the point across, and am more carful with what I think. Thanks for this post Bella!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Monica, So happy you liked this. Yes, honestly what we think really impacts us. And life is a choice we just have to be wise.

      How is life treating you hope you are well. I am struggling to keep up with read bloggers post – I keep trying to look out for yours, have you been posting lately. I am trying to read and comment but – what a juggle , after a whole month of neglect I cut the grass today – but the garden is still a tip.. take care and speak soon
      so happy you liked this post. Regards Bella

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      1. Life is Great Bella, thanks for asking, I understand you. I haven’t been posting lately as I’m juggling a bunch too and haven’t had much to write about lately. You take care as well 🙂

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  3. “Our original qualities are love, peace, purity, wisdom and joy” – Wonderful.

    I loved your idea of making a list. From my experience when you face something that you are fearful of or angry about, it just disapears as we look at it. Making a list is a great way to “get it out of the system”.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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