What Is the Point of being Angry?


Seriously, What is the point of being angry, irritated, annoyed, judgemental, down in the dumps, etc.?

Seriously, what is the point?

Okay we need to moan, we need to get it out, they did x,y z?  Why are they so stupid,  why are they so lazy, why can’t the be like this?  Oh they will never change.

Okay we moan, gossip to a friend or family member, we feel great for letting it all out. We feel good for a bit.   But, there is a danger of moaning, gossiping, judging – they are all dangerous habits, that provide no benefit at all.

Did you know a karmic account can be created just in thought, have good thoughts and you will receive good karma.  Think bad thoughts and you will receive that in return.   Though we may not say  it to someones face , our feeling, our intention, our anger reaches them  and Karmic account is created.


Additionally,  when we moan, gossip, judge – we realise that we cannot change that person. We can only change ourselves.   Moaning is a habit – even fun!   What we do when speak and share negativity about each other, is we poison the atmosphere, we poison our mind against that person,  we poison the mind of another against anotherAll of this depletes of positive energy from the atmosphere, from within our selves, and the person we shared it with.

There is no value in being negativeNo physical, no mental, no character benefit.    There is nothing good, it just depletes and creates a negativity and karmic accounts.  There is no up-liftment in it at all

Sure we need to let it out, so I say take a piece of paper write it out, rip it up and make that the end of that story.   Learn to put a full stop on waste thoughts, learn to be detached observer,  learn  not to take it personally,  learn to let it go.


For us to be happy, peaceful , kind and compassionate, we can not be angry, hurtful to another – even if it feels justified.  Yes !  I know it is hardBut we create a vicious circle by repeating the negative  (it will come back to you and the situation will never improve).   So,  Let us create a circle of happiness,  watch what  you think, you say,  and let hate and anger go.    There is no benefit in it for you.   Anger leads to ill health and mental issues.

Our thoughts and feeling impact our life.  Break the habit.  Habits are breakable and new habits are achievable.  Believe you can and you will.

  • What we think comes back to us.
  • What we feel comes back to us.
  • What we say comes back to us.
  • What we do comes back to us.
  • So make it good.

Could we even say that there is a link between the Law of Attraction and Karma !!!???


Be WISE, Be Smart,  Be Good no matter what.  It SO doesn’t matter if they improve or not, but I can improve the way I think , feel, do for only I will benefit and in-turn that relationship might benefit, might become neutral , cordial?!    Being negative is not a normal state for I the human soul to remain in – that is the cause of pain, illness and so much ….

I know it is hard, but we have to try because being sad, ill, depressed,  getting serious illness later in life – are seriously  not worth it are they!!


Most illness they say are psychosomatic and they say it is important to meditate , to stay calm and to let go. Today, I might be perfectly health while I moan with my blood boiling at the stupid of another – but tomorrow depression , heart attack , etc is waiting.  So be your own friend and let go of it all – because you know deep down there is no benefit for I can only change myself and learn to accept or not get disturbed by another.  Remember the phrase it’s like talking to a brick wall – that is your trigger to let go from your heart and mind.    BE YOUR OWN FRIEND not the cause of your future illness.

Thank you for popping by.  Please comment, like,  share or subscribe to the blog.  I know this post is bit strong.  Would love your thoughts on this and ideas on how we can let it go?

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