Break the Vicious Cycle of Negative Thinking with Meditation


Create a habit of meditation and see you life become calmer. See it all fall into place,  see that we make mountains of mole hills especially when we are tired,  or repeatedly think of something negative.    We need space,  We need meditation to heal, to repair, to focus, to be, to put into perspective what we have lost.   To be busy and in rush, to be angry, to be stress is not the way of life.    Meditation will put you back on track – Trust me – It did for me!

Meditation allows you to step back,  calm down,  breath.

It stops you from reacting.

It allows you to have space.

It allows you to let go of the pain.

It allows you to breath.

It allows you to put it into perspective.

It stops you from creating a negative habit

It allows you to hear the other side.

It allows you to break away from your internal chatter.

Meditation calms you down and gives you peace.

When there is peace – calmness follows.

When we stop we create space then we won’t react.

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Raja Yoga Meditation has changed my life.

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